Twelve months ago the future became a little more beautiful for LGBTQ+ couples who wanted to have marriage as part of their relationship.

To celebrate 12 months since marriage equality laws passed in Australia here is a list of 12 incredible couples whose lives changed in 2018 – the year they [finally] got to marry their new spouse, legally!

1. Amy & Elise

Captured by Marnie Hawson Weddings

Amy & Elise were officially the first couple to marry legally in Melbourne, VIC – there wedding was attended by multiple news outlets and their family and friends that had travelled across the globe. We shared their wedding in Volume 2 of our print magazine [we still back copies available HERE!].

Marriage Equality in Australia - Lesbian Weddings - Australia

2. Alex & Jacqui

Captured by Henry Paul Photography

Alex and Jacqui, who work in the same school, Alex as a teacher, Jacqui her principle. It took a little while for these two to admit that their friendship was so much more than just a friendship. They married in Bawley Point, NSW. Thier love story and wedding day is up on the blog, HERE.

3. Alannah & Francesca [Lan & Chesca]

Captured by Nicola Lemmon Photography

Lan and Chesca wanted their wedding day to be a celebration of their love, and specifically wanted the event to be free of rainbows and other stereotypical pride. For each of them, the fight towards marriage equality in Australia had shadowed most of their engagement. They wanted a day of commitment and love, one that should be seen equally, regardless of their sexuality. However, mother nature had other ideas. Heavy rain began to clear moments before the ceremony, leaving prisms on every leaf; a glitter like effect across the entire grounds. And, as Chesca and Lan read their personalised vows to one another, a double rainbow appeared above them. A subtle reminder of the journey it had been to get to where they were. We shared Lan and Chesca’s story in Volume 3 of our print magazine.

4. Lee & Nicky

Captured by Kyra Boyer

Lee & Nicky’s wedding day was, for the most part, planned – however, the changes in the law meant they needed to find a registered celebrant! The way they came across their celebrant is unbelievable [long story short, Nicky was interrupted on a tram by a partner of a celebrant, who the very next day a colleague at work also mentioned!]. Lee, a tattoo artist and creative, put detail and thought into every aspect of this intimate wedding day. We shared this wedding day in Volume 3 of our print magazine.

5. Alex & Maddy

Captured by Liz Arcus Photography

Alex and Maddy, who married in Goulburn, NSW, are just so in love. Their wedding day, captured by Bottlebrush Films, says it all so much better than we ever could. We also go the opportunity to ask them a few questions here.

Love is the law, and the law is love – Paul Kelly 

6. Amy & Bec

Captured by Thomas Stewart

“By the time the results of the plebiscite were read out, we were so broken we barely even felt relief – just exhaustion from months of battle standing up for our rights. I don’t think any LGBTIQ+ Australian will ever forget exactly where they were and how that moment felt. The biggest win for us was that the change in the law came with a change of opinion from some of those close to us who had come around to the idea of viewing our relationship as equal to theirs”. You can read the whole journey here.

7. Amy & Helen

Captured by Smith and Archer

Amy and Helen were another lucky couple that were waived the 28 day notice of intention to marry. Their wedding was booked in, happening regardless, but the fact that their day was able to be legally recognised by Australian Law meant something incredibly special. We had the opportunity to share their vegan, eco-conscious wedding day in Volume 2 of our print magazine.

8. Annie & Christy-Lee

Captured by Lauren Campbell

They didn’t have a heap of money to spend and didn’t really want to spend a lot of money, even if they did have it. They had waited such a long time to get married, legally, the most important part of their wedding was being surrounded by people who loved and supported them as individuals, as a couple and leading into marriage. Their romantic elopement is here.

9. Heather & Kate

Captured by Carly Tia for Byron Bay Weddings

Heather & Kate’s Earth House wedding set deep in the Byron Bay hinterland was met with classic beauty and effortless country glam. Think hues of French navy and cream, bouquets of wildflowers, contemporary structures draped in soft fabrics and a glitz of gold detail. We shared every detail over on the blog. 

10. Erin & Lauren

Captured by Sara Hannagan Photography

“About five months out from the wedding was when the debate started, and just three months before the wedding the vote was past, and it became legal!

We would never have thought that the year we got engaged would be the same year that Australian marriage laws changed. We were so lucky to have that happen for us. It was an amazing moment when we signed the legal documents, knowing just how long it had taken to get there”. The whole wedding day, every juicy detail, is over on the blog.

11. Brittany & Paige

Captured by Hand Crafted Pictures Co

Brittany & Paige’s Melbourne wedding day has pops of colours, and is full of love – here’s another wedding video [because they always speak louder than words]. Brittany & Paige’s wedding day, in all its detail, is here.

12. Ash & Emma

Captured by Julia Rue Photography

Ash & Emma had a big and expensive wedding before marriage equality was on the cards for Australia. They chose an understated beachside elopement in Broome for wedding number two – that one that would make their commitment legal. They shared their intimate wedding with us here.