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25 Prompts for Writing an Epic Love Letter

25 Prompts for Writing an Epic Love Letter

If you’ve been trying to pen a love letter to your partner, but you are stuck with what exactly it is you should be writing, here are 25 prompts to get you started.

  1. Do you have pet names for one another?
  2. Talk about the moment you met or first saw one another.
  3. Describe your favorite memory together.
  4. What makes you feel safe in your relationship?
  5. When did you know you were in love?
  6. Describe your favorite date.
  7. What are your dreams for your future together?
  8. How have you grown as an individual within your relationship?
  9. How does your partner make you feel?
  10. What’s been your favorite holiday?
  11. Why do you choose your partner each day?
  12. List some of the reasons why you love them.
  13. Reaffirm your commitment.
  14. How does your partner make you laugh?
  15. What’s something you’ve never told your lover?
  16. How have you overcome challenges together?
  17. What has your partner taught you?
  18. What is their greatest strength?
  19. Do you have any jokes between to two of you?
  20. What makes you proud to stand by your partner’s side?
  21. What’s something that always reminds you of them?
  22. What do you appreciate most about your friendship?
  23. What’s something you dream of doing with them?
  24. What’s something you value most about your partner?
  25. What do you imagine your future together to look like?

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