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25 Prompts for Writing an Epic Love Letter

Whether you’re wondering how to start a love letter or are stuck on knowing exactly what to write in the next paragraph, here are 25 prompts (with examples of how you might use them) to kickstart your writing.

  1. Do you have pet names for one another?
    “To many snugglebug, I adore you…”
    “…you’ll always be my favorite type of honey.”

  2. Talk about the moment you met or first saw one another.
    “When we first crossed paths it felt less like a fairytale, more like an unexpected plot twist of the very best type.”
    “I’ll always remember the moment we first saw one another, you were standing there wearing …”

  3. Describe your favorite memory together.
    “Remember when we tried to be MasterChefs in our own kitchen, and it turned to chaos – I loved eating Chinese takeout with you after our failed attempts!”
    “I love our impromptu dance-offs, the rhythm might be off but the laughs are always top-notch.”

  4. What makes you feel safe in your relationship?
    “With you, I’ve found my safe space. The place where I can exist authentically me.”
    “Your cuddles are my sanctuary. The place where nothing else but feeling you hold me, matters.”

  5. When did you know you were in love?
    “It hit me during one of our late-night chats, i was wildly, unequivocally, in love with the person that you are.”
    “It dawned on me when you called to ask how I was after taking the day off work sick, my heart had found its home.”

  6. Describe your favorite date.
    “If I had to choose one, it’d be that time we sat at the jazz bar until they’d packed up the chairs around us.”
    “My favorite date was the first time we picked a record together, and slow dance in your lounge.”

  7. What are your dreams for your future together?
    “I can’t wait to travel the world with you, experiencing new cultures and eating our way around every city.”
    “Expanding our family, and watching our children flourish …”

  8. How have you grown as an individual within your relationship?
    “I’ve never been more confident about who I am, and what I believe in, that I have been with you.”
    “With your love, and your support, I’ve been able to …”

  9. How does your partner make you feel?
    “You make me feel like I can conquer the world.”
    “With you, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness – something I’ve never felt before.”

  10. What’s been your favorite holiday?
    “Spending the holidays with you and your family makes me excited about life together.”
    “I love creating unforgettable moments with you in …”

  11. Why do you choose your partner each day?
    “Choosing you is my favorite, and the easiest, decision every day”
    “Every day I consciously choose our relationship, and commit myself to an incredible shared journey.”

  12. List some of the reasons why you love them.
    “I love the way you see the world, the way you …”
    “There’s nothing I love more than your sense of …”

  13. Reaffirm your commitment.
    “My commitment to you is as unwavering as it was when we shared our vows “
    “I will continue to promise …”

  14. How does your partner make you laugh?
    “There is never a dull moment when you …”
    “Your humor, even when you’re unaware of it, brings me so much joy.”

  15. What’s something you’ve never told your lover?
    “Something I’ve never said to you is that I admire your …”
    “I’ve never told you, but I love the way you …”

  16. How have you overcome challenges together?
    “Every challenge we’ve faced has just strengthened our partnership.”
    “While there have been some hurdles, it’s nothing we haven’t been able to overcome.”

  17. What has your partner taught you?
    “You’ve taught me the art of patience, and how to always look to the bright side of something.”
    “You teach me things about myself that I couldn’t have ever known without your support.”

  18. What is their greatest strength?
    “Your ability to find hope in every situation …”
    “I admire how you tackle …”

  19. Do you have any jokes between you?
    “I mean, it was me that burnt the toast after all.”
    “I’ll continue to try to out-pun you, even if you’re the ‘punny’ one in the relationship.

  20. What makes you proud to stand by your partner’s side?
    “I couldn’t imagine a stronger, more resilient person to walk alongside.”
    “I’m so proud of the way we navigate life together …”

  21. What’s something that always reminds you of them?
    “I can’t sip my morning coffee without being reminded of the time you …”
    “Every time look up to the moon, I think of all those late-night conversations …”

  22. What do you appreciate most about your friendship?
    “Our friendship is the foundation for our love – strong, silly and sincere.”
    “I treasure that we continue to build on our friendship …”

  23. What’s something you dream of doing with them?
    “I can’t wait to host more legendary karaoke nights with you …”
    “One day I hope we’ll turn our dreams of hiking a mountain together to life.”

  24. What’s something you value most about your partner?
    “I value your wisdom dressed in whitty remarks and insightful thoughts.”
    “Your adventurous spirit will help us feel young for years to come.”

  25. What do you imagine your future together to look like?
    “I see us laughing, growing and evolving in our unique and unconventional way.”
    “I can’t imagine a future where we aren’t there to tackle the challenges hand in hand.”
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Need more help?

Still stuck on how to craft the perfect love letter for the human you love? Here’s the complete guide to crafting a love letter.

Writing a love letter isn’t just a blast from the past; it’s a powerful way to connect deeply in a world of digital distractions. It’s about embracing vulnerability, personalizing your message, and prioritizing sincerity over perfection. 

So, whether you’re confessing, celebrating, or just expressing affection, take that pen, let your heart flow, and create a timeless, heartfelt treasure.

Happy (love letter) writing. 

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