Who is Amanda behind the camera for Peppermint Photography?

I originate from a background in Fine Art, Photography and Visual Culture. 

I have two little girls, and they are 7 and 8 years old. They are my reason for everything. 

I think I value honesty and kindness above almost anything, and I believe anything David Lynch creates is genius. I am a hopeless romantic, a tea drinker, and I love the ocean, adventure, exploring new places, antiques, when birds fly together, blue hour, the stars, real conversations, winter.

When I am not shooting weddings, I’m immersed in commercial and exhibition work. I like to construct new work and push myself creatively, and I love seeing this flow into my wedding work. 

I am also in the early stages of preparing for my next solo exhibition. 

How did you come to be a photographer?

Throughout high school, I had a fascination with cinema, arthouse, neo-impressionism, Romanticism. I spent a lot of time in the darkroom in high school and always borrowing film cameras from school to take home for the weekends. I suppose I fell utterly in love with the creative freedom that comes with photography and the art of visual storytelling. Through university and photographing my sculptures, etc. my tutors pushed me to go towards photography too. I listened. 

What does being a wedding photographer mean to you?

I love that you can relive the magic and so many different emotions that make up the whole day through images. Things like crushing hugs, giant smiles, beautiful tears, crazy dance moves, and remembering how high on love you both felt. I love a great story and endeavour to bring that together in wedding images. I love soft light, soft focus, and a nostalgic film-like sense of capturing the raw beauty and emotion of the day.

I also really love the thought of those moments of beautiful narrative and intimacy in each frame, creating a recollection of memories. I shoot quietly but intently throughout the day, and I would say I’m a very nostalgic person and this is probably at the core of why I love photographing weddings. 

If you weren’t photographing weddings, what would you be doing and why? 

This question is a tough one because I have so many ideas! 

I love working with creative-minded, non-traditional people. I have thought about Architecture, or maybe curating.

Where is your favourite wedding destination, and why?

TASMANIA!! Just quietly, I am dreaming of buying a house there, Battery Point in particular.

Give us your best wedding advice.

I’ve often been told that I feel like another guest, because I’m unobtrusive and quiet, observing the day as it unfolds. I love authenticity, quiet intimacy, and look for genuine moments. I’m determined to give my couples something beautiful to look back on in years to come by capturing a ‘real’ representation of who they are, together. I love working with non – traditional crazily in love couples and being swept up entirely in their celebrations. I will always encourage couples to make the day their own.

So, I suppose my best advice would be to be yourselves and have some fun – that way your photos are unique too!

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