It’s the city of dreams and the home to some of the most comedic, thoughtful and outrageous plays in the world. Whether you’re a theatre nut, aspiring actor [or actress], love a good musical theatre singalong or want to have a date night that’s a little different – there is something for everyone on Broadway in New York City.

Here are our top 5, must see Broadway shows for 2019.


This musical comedy explores the story of an Indiana school girl who isn’t allowed to take her girlfriend to prom. At its heart, this Broadway show explores homophobia but the story explores it in a heartfelt way that takes you on a rollercoaster of tears, laughter and pure joy. You’ll leave with a heart full and a real sense of what the power of inclusivity really means.


It’s been on Broadway for a long time, in fact, it’s been running most days since 1997. You absolutely do not need to be under 10 to absolutely enjoy the nostalgia of seeing The Lion King brought to life on stage. This is the perfect date night.

You’ll find yourself singing along to the classics of your childhood and you’ll leave with a giant smile across your face. Even if you’ve seen it once before, it’s just as magical a second time around.


You’ve read the books, twice. You own all the DVD’s but have all the movies also saved to your list on Netflix alas the story goes on! From books to the Broadway stage. This show is plot-heavy and is split between two sessions; an easy 5.5 hours you can do in one day or split across two.

Whether you’re a Harry Potter nut or not [poor souls] this is incredible theatre. You’ll leave wanting another 5.5 hours, we promise.


Chicago is the second longest running show on Broadway – ever. This musical is set in the 1920’s and explores the story of a reporter who focused on murders and crimes and the corruption administration of criminal justice.

What the musical lacks in outrageous set design it makes up for in character and song. These jazz classics are just that, classics. And a soundtrack you’ll want to add to your Spotify playlist and relive over and over.


It’s crude and rude but a whole lot of laughter. You wouldn’t really expect anything else from the same men that brought you South Park. You’ll want to go in with an open mind, some parts are certainly borderline inappropriate in today’s society.

Its roots are certainly in gold old fashioned Broadway song and dance, and you’ll find your toes tapping during some of the anthems that are rather catchy.

If you’re not easily offended, pack tissues, you’ll be crying with laughter.


If nothing is tickling your fancy on Broadway, or you want options that are a little less pricey – explore ‘Off Broadway’. Usually in far smaller theatres, and with much smaller budgets, these are the stories that are sometimes the most meaningful.

Their runs are generally short, sometimes a few weeks so you’ll need to check out what’s on when you’re in town.


After a night [or a whole day if you’re sitting in on a back-to-back session of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child] you’ll need somewhere to rest your head.

Conveniently located walking distance from Times Square The Benjamin Hotel is our pick for a restful night after any Broadway show. The Benjamin Hotel comes complete with a pillow menu and staff trained to be able to give you the best advice on making the right selection of your night’s sleep. There’s also on demand 24/7 meditation if you find you’re still singing and dancing in your head after a show.