A note from the photographer Cadence and Grace Photography

I brought together a bunch of talented Melbourne based vendors to create this fun, 70’s vibe, styled shoot.

We adopted a vibrant and colorful palette for the shoot, certainly not shying away from rich reds, vibrant pinks, and amber glassware.

The couple, Ally and Caitlyn, are originally from Adelaide and Brisbane respectively. They have been together for five years and exude that sort of chemistry and gentle nurturing care for one another that only comes from the deepest of connections. When we were looking for couples for this shoot, one of the things that really stood out for us was Caitlyn’s involvement in securing the Yes Vote. The two ladies were flown to Canberra for the announcement. They were really wonderful to work with but just the nicest people!

DWH: Ally & Caitlyn, how did you meet?

A & C: On a technicality, we can say we’re high school sweethearts because we met in our final year of high school. Caitlyn is from Adelaide and Ally is from Brisbane, and we met at a university on the Gold Coast. We had been shortlisted for a scholarship and were there for a weekend-long selection ‘bootcamp.’ Neither of us were out at the time, but we were both keeping an eye on each other. At the time, we put it down to monitoring the competition – we both thought the other was sure to win the scholarship. We returned to our home cities and got on with our lives. 

Fast forward three years, we reconnected in Sydney. We caught up for a coffee, and the connection between us was instant. We have been inseparable ever since! 

DWH: How beautiful! What is your favorite memory together?

A & C: Our favorite memory together is sitting in the public gallery at Parliament House in Canberra on the day the Marriage Amendment Bill was passed — legalizing marriage equality in Australia. On that day, Parliament House was bursting with LGBTIQ+ advocates, couples, families, and allies. Together, we sat in the public gallery all day, waiting for the moment the bill would pass. When it finally did, everyone in the gallery jumped to their feet. People were crying and cheering; a choir started singing. It was euphoric, and it is a moment we will never, ever forget.

DWH: What an incredible moment! We can only imagine what it felt like to be in that space, at that time. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

A & C: The toughest period of our relationship was during the Australian marriage equality survey. Caitlyn was brought on as a field organizer for Australian Marriage Equality, and Ally was very involved in organizing support at her workplace. While we were lucky to have the support of our friends and family, it was extremely difficult to witness the nation debate the status and value of our relationship, day in and day out. We leaned heavily on one another, and our community, to get through that period of time. On the day the survey results were announced we attended a results announcement event in Adelaide. We remember standing in a park in the pouring rain, our hearts in our mouths, waiting to hear the numbers. The result brought sheer, utter relief. We were very happy to close that chapter of our lives and set our sights on a broader change in the LGBTIQ+ community.

DWH: Tell us your favorite thing about one another

C: My favorite thing about Ally is how deeply and genuinely she cares about those around her. She gives everyone space to be exactly who they are.

A: I want to say the same thing about Caitlyn! You won’t meet a more caring person than Caitlyn. She thinks deeply about everything and is very conscious about the consequences of her actions. From the words she chooses, to the way she considers how best to cheer someone up or make them feel comfortable – Caitlyn is always working to make things better. 

DWH: And, what’s in the future for you both?

A & C: Between us, we’ve lived in six cities in the last five years. We’re loving our time in Melbourne, but know the next adventure is on the horizon. We’ve got big plans to support each other to build careers in the humanitarian and development sector, so there’s a lot of travel and adventure ahead. 

Photographer Cadence and Grace Photography

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Denim Jacket Sodapop
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Lace Robes Bride Tribes
Pink Ombre Dipped Skirt Created by hand by The Paperdoll Factory
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