Writing your wedding vows is an opportunity to share something meaningful with your partner on your wedding day. It’s also something that can feel overwhelming in preparation – so, we’ve set out in seven simple steps; how to get your thoughts out of your mind, on to paper and said from your heart on the big day.

1.     Decide what you’ll call one another.
A step that’s sometimes forgotten – will you be wives, partners or something else that’s a little more you?

2.     Decide if you’ll write your own vows.

To write your own complete vows can be a really emotional and memorable experience. It’s also not as daunting as it might seem at first glance! Some people write them together, others choose to write them individually and save the speech for the day. If writing your own vows doesn’t suit you as a couple, you can opt to write them together and both say the same thing, or maybe share some sentences, but add in little personal touches where they’re needed. If you’re feeling unclear, have a chat with your celebrant they’ll be more than happy to help.

3.     Gather Ideas.

Whether you’re completing this step together, or apart, sit down and write out 10-20 things you love about your partner; what you see for our future together, what is something that you are passionate about, or a little about the way you first fell in love or knew that she was the one.

4.     Write down your promises.

Write down what you will bring to the relationship. What do you promise to be or do? Life can be a rollercoaster, will you be there by your partner’s side through it all? Will you bring happiness and laughter to your marriage?

5.     If you’re writing your vows together, now is the time to share your words.

Read what you’ve both written and share your thoughts. Highlight any similarities and things that you like about what another has written.

6.     Take your time to write your vows.

The more time you have, the better. You might be a wordsmith and get it all out in an hour, for others it might take a few weeks to really nut out exactly what you want to say in your vows.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to writing your own vows. Just be careful not to embarrass anyone with any intimate details or bore your guests with a lengthy monologue.

7.     Read over and practice your vows.

The most important step, start practising your vows. Do they flow? Do they have feeling and emotion? Maybe recruit a friend to listen and give their honest opinion. Once you are happy with the words, prepare to say them on the day to your loved one. The more you practice, the easier it’ll be on the big day when you’re filled with love.