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Sian & Tenille – A Year After Marriage

Sian & Tenille – A Year After Marriage

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Most nights of the week, Sian and Tenille are tucked up in bed before 9 pm, but they found themselves at the same nightclub after midnight on one particular night.

Mutual friends introduced the couple, and it’s been a whirlwind romance since. We chatted with the couple about marriage and what the future holds for this Brisbane couple.

What is your favorite memory together?

S & T: When trying to answer this question, we decided our favourite memories have been our big celebrations: engagement party, wedding (x2!) and honeymoon. These are the times we came together with the people we love to celebrate and the life we share.

What’s your favorite thing about one another?

T: Sian loves people, and it’s evident in the work she does professionally, but also in the way she conducts her personal relationships. She has such passion for people and it’s one of the first things I fell in love with, and that value hasn’t wavered. She goes out of her way to meet her friends and family’s needs, and I adore that selflessness.

S: The first thing that first made my heart tick was seeing the way that Tenille cares about people that she loves. She totally woo’d me with iced coffees and making gnocchi. Compared with how much she cares about her line of work, I remember watching her talk about where she wanted to go with her career, and she was so sure of herself and passionate – all of this plus a million other things, like those super blue eyes.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome together? 

S & T: To be brutally honest, the first year of marriage was tough – managing expectations and the hype around being “newlyweds,” coming down from such a big year planning our wedding. With this, combined with Sian starting a small business, we had to work hard to come together as a team and grow together. The challenge has only made us love each other more, do better as a team, and be proud of what we have created.

What’s does the future for you both?

S & T: We were fortunate enough to buy our first house late last year (which also contributed to the first year of marriage stress; whoever said buying a house was stressful was right), so this year is about making it a home are proud of. Along with that, we are hoping to add another human member to our family this year.

What do these images by Lightsmith Images mean to you?

S & T: We love these photos so much as it really captures the way we are with each other (mostly silly, sometimes serious) but also includes the two most important family members, our two dogs Gibson and Ollie. We each brought a dog to the mix when we got together, and they have become best friends and the lights of our lives. We are so thankful to Dannielle for capturing the essence of us in such a fun and comfortable way.

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