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Abbey & Dre – A Farmhouse Wedding in Arizona

Abbey & Dre – A Farmhouse Wedding in Arizona

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After canceling their wedding, they were patient in finding a date later in the year that would be safe to hold their farmhouse meets boho – indoor/outdoor wedding day in Arizona

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

We have been together for eight years. We met when Abbey was on her first clinical rotation for physical therapy school. Dre was working as a therapy tech at the clinic Abbey was assigned to. Dre was very persistent in getting Abbey to go out for dinner or drinks. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Dre finally got Abbey to say yes by asking her out on a post-it. We still have the post-it, and it was used during the proposal. 

How romantic! Tell us more about the proposal.

A: All of my immediate family was in town visiting and celebrating Christmas. They arrived in Arizona after Christmas, and we were celebrating as a family on December 28, 2018. We were all over at our house exchanging gifts and eating dinner. At the end of all the gifts, Dre said she had one more gift for me, which actually meant she had four more gifts. 

I opened a series of gifts while she gave a speech. I did not realize this was the moment she was going to ask me to marry her. The first gift was a series of three family photos with our dogs. The second gift was the post-it she asked me out on, and the third gift was a picture frame that said “Will you marry me” with each letter written on a post-it. The engagement ring accompanied that gift. The last gift was an ornament that said: “She said yes and the engagement date.” 

It was a fantastic night. My whole family knew that it was happening, so they could take photos and videos at the moment. Some of our close friends also came over afterward and joined us to celebrate. 

How long was your engagement?

Our engagement was one year and nine months long. We were initially supposed to get married on April 4, 2020, but had to postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were fortunate and able to reschedule for September 11, 2020, at the same venue with the same vendors.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?

A: I cannot say there was a specific theme, but I already had a particular vibe in mind. I definitely wanted to go with a more bohemian vibe and did not want a traditional wedding. Wanting it to be more relaxed for our guests. 

I knew I wanted beautiful wood farmhouse tables in the reception area, and we wanted to use indoor and outdoor space, being that we were getting married in Arizona. Wanting to bring in the desert feel by using succulents and cacti in all areas. Succulents were used in the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces on the tables, décor on other tables, and the arch’s flower arrangement.

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect wedding outfits.

A: I went to a couple of different bridal shops one weekend when my mom was in town visiting. I was determined to find a dress while she was in town since we don’t live in the same state. I didn’t find any dresses I loved at the first shop. My mom and I decided to pop into a little bridal store between appointments, and they were terrific. I found two dresses that I loved there. I decided to think about it overnight and had another appointment at a different place the next day. All through the next day, I kept thinking about one dress in particular. My mom, Chelsey (friend), and I went to the bridal store on Sunday. I tried on the dress and knew immediately this was the one and I would not find something I liked more. 

D: It was pretty easy. I already knew what I wanted to wear, and it was just a matter of finding it. I knew I wanted to wear a burgundy suit and look fresh. Abbey and I went to Nick’s Menswear one day, and I found the perfect suit. I bought it on the spot and did tailoring to my specific style. 

Talk to us about the wedding day.

Our wedding day was amazing. We both loved getting ready with our girls in the hotel. It was so much fun to have some drinks and spend quality time with friends and family getting pampered and dolled up. We both feel like the day flew by. Attempting to take mental pictures and remember specific moments, but overall the ceremony and reception both happened so fast. 

We both got to be the center of attention and walk down the aisle with our dads. All eyes were on one of us, which made both of us feel special. In the end, we just wanted to have a big party with the people who mean the most to us, and that is what we accomplished. 

Our reception was so much fun, and everyone that attended still has a great story to tell about it. We truly enjoyed having our loved ones there to celebrate us and our love, and everything that was going on in the outside world was completely forgotten on this day. It is so lovely to look back at the photographs to see all the details that we might have missed or remembered a specific moment.

What are your favorite moments?

A: Every part of our wedding day was my favorite, but these moments specifically stand out to me. 

I loved our first look. It was the first time we had seen each other that day since the morning, and Dre truly took my breath away. She looked beautiful (but she always looks gorgeous), but she looked extra beautiful. We both teared up, and I am so glad it was captured in our photos. 

Saying our personally written vows to each other during the ceremony. It was so personal to express the vows we wrote for each other. Although our vows were similar, they were also very different. Our vows captured our personalities, and it was such an experience saying them in front of our family and friends. 

Lastly, our first dance as this was our first dance as wife and wife. It was a rush to do it in front of everyone and to this special song to us. And of course, Dre insisted that we do turns and a dip at the end and all moves were executed almost perfectly, especially since we had no lessons or game plan for the dance.  

D: Getting all dolled up with my party in a giant hotel suite. Our first look was another favorite. I did not see Abbey’s dress before the wedding, so seeing her during our first look was excellent, and it brought tears to my eyes. Lastly, celebrating with my friends and family during the reception.

Do you have a standout vendor that just made the day for you?

Suzy Goodrick, our photographer, was absolutely amazing, and she and her assistants were so easy to work with. They made taking photos so awesome and were fast and efficient. Suzy talked us through all the poses and made taking pictures so effortless for our families and us. I believe they photographed for eightish hours, and Suzy provided us with more photos than I expected. She also gave us a small little gift once all the photographs were edited. We both thought it was so lovely and kind of her to give us a small gift, as we know she is busy with her business. We are both just so happy with how amazing our photos are and honestly believe Suzy was the best photographer for us and completely worth it.

Now you’re married, what does marriage mean to you?

A: Marriage means having that person to do life with and adult with. It is having a special person by your side for support during all times of life, whether it be good or bad, happy or sad, rocky or smooth sailing. Having that shoulder to cry on, that person to vent to, and that person to celebrate all of life’s accomplishments. It is having my best friend always be down to go have a craft beer and try out new breweries, which is one of our favorite past times. 

D: Marriage is a lifelong friendship full of compromises. It is making adult decisions with your best friend and always having someone who supports you. It is never turning down the chance to go grab a beer with your wife.

Do you have any dvice for other couples planning a wedding?

A: My advice is to plan the wedding you want. I got lucky in that Dre only had a few specific requests, and that gave me more freedom with planning the details. I did, however, include Dre in a lot of the decision-making process and made sure her requests were met. We knew our budget when we started planning, which really helped us make decisions and determine what was most important for the wedding. 

Ultimately, this is your and your fiancé’s wedding. Don’t let other people tell you what to do or how to plan. Make sure to plan what you want and include the details that are important to you. 

And lastly, looking back is there anything you are glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?  

A: I am so happy we got married on a Friday. We initially planned for a Saturday wedding, but we did not have many fall dates to choose from when we had to reschedule. I was not initially sold on a Friday wedding but was going to make the best of it. We had the weekend to spend with family and friends before they had to leave. It also gave them an extra day to spend in Arizona if they came from out of town. Lastly, we were able to have a pool party with friends and family on Saturday after the wedding instead of a morning brunch, which was so much fun. 

I am glad we got a second dessert, which was mini bundt cakes. This was a specific request from Dre. Although Dre nor I actually got a single mini bundt cake the night of our wedding. I am glad we had multiple dessert options, and all our guests really enjoyed both.

Lastly, I am glad we had a photo booth. This was a last-minute add-on for our reception, and we are both so happy we got it. Everyone enjoyed the photo booth, and it was a busy spot the entire night. We not only got a photo book with the photos but also got a USB with all the pictures from the photobooth. 

D: I am so glad we got Nothing Bundt Cakes as a second dessert. Everyone seemed to love the mini bundt cakes. I am just disappointed that I never got one at the reception. Abbey and I made a special trip the following week to get bundt cakes. I am also thrilled we did an open bar. It made the reception so much fun, and I was glad I could provide that to our guests.

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Suzy Goodrick

Suzy Goodrick Photography

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