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Abbie & Lucy’s First Date to Fairytale Proposal in the Dolomites

Abbie & Lucy’s First Date to Fairytale Proposal in the Dolomites

A surprise lesbian proposal in the Dolomites, Italy

How long have you been together, and how did you meet? 

We met through Tinder over two years ago but have been together for over a year.

Tell us about the planning process for the proposal. 

We had discussed getting married but not in huge detail; Abbie gave clear instructions on the type of ring she wanted. I had told Abbie we were going on a little trip to spend time together before I started a new job to try and ease any suspicions, and I got away with it for the most part.

Are there any stories from the lead-up to the proposal stressful or funny? 

Many! Firstly, I was trying to sneak the ring into our home without Abbie noticing it, so not to make her think twice, I placed her beautiful ring into a Poundland bag. On the day of the proposal, Abbie decided

she didn’t want to take photographs as I attempted to propose because “Too many people were around.” The people she referred to were our photographers waiting to capture the moment.

What led you to the destination of the proposal? Have you been there before? 

We had seen the Dolomites on TikTok and mentioned a few times we would love to visit as it was so picturesque, so I thought it was the ideal location for a proposal.

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed? 

Our engagement means so much; it signifies the next step in our future, and we’re so excited about it.

When and where will your wedding be? 

Ideally, we would love a wedding abroad, either in Spain or Italy, given that our closest people could attend. Likely our wedding won’t be for a couple of years, which gives us time to plan the best day possible!

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