Photography by Tanya Volt

We believe that diversity and representation in the wedding industry is crucial.

In 2016, Founders, Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell became an engaged couple. The very first thing they did was head to a large magazine store in search for wedding inspiration. What they were presented with was a selection of media that left them feeling unrepresented. With a combined background in sociology and design, they knew that if they were looking for diverse wedding media, other LGBTQ+ women must be doing the same thing.

They felt deflated in a time that should have been about celebration.

And, it’s with that in mind that they began Dancing With Her, a wedding publication both in digital and in print that empowers a community of women who love women to celebrate their love the way they’ve dreamt of doing. In November 2017 Dancing With Her Magazine was launched. It’s the first modern wedding magazine of its kind.

Tara and Arlia as also both very passionate about diversity and representation, specifically within the wedding industry and are working towards bridging the gap between wedding vendors and sexuality, body and gender diverse people.

Dancing With Her – Celebrating Women in Love.