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Adele & Jas – A Serbian Orthodox – Jewish Wedding Day

Adele & Jas – A Serbian Orthodox – Jewish Wedding Day

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Adele & Jas incorporated family and religious traditions into their Sydney wedding day. Marrying under a chuppah, they had a handfasting ceremony and broke glass to remember those who couldn’t be there to celebrate.

Tell us more about the love story behind Adele & Jas…

We both love to laugh and make each other laugh by trying to out goof each other. Whether posing for fake photoshoots while away or dancing in the middle of a store. We both love to dance and hang with our friends (our second family) at our local pub. Jas is a fabulous cook while I am a great Su Chef making us the perfect team. We love hanging with our niece and nephews and being the cool Auntys.

Jas and I have been together for six years, and this August, we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

Jas and I were set up by our two close friends on a blind date. Who both thought we would be a good match and insisted we go to a party to meet for the first time. Upon arrival, I was quite nervous. But my nerves were eased when I was finally introduced to this tall, beautiful blonde with thick black-framed glasses. We made our first introductions, and Jas was off like a lightning bolt to get drinks for the group. I quickly followed and reassured her that “whatever happens happens” and to enjoy our day. The rest is a beautiful story that spans over six years of triumphs and challenges that we worked through together.

Tell us about the proposal.

A: Jas wouldn’t have wanted anything over the top, unlike me, who would have loved a flash mob proposal. We were going overseas the next day. It was a rainy, cold winter night and it took me a good thirty minutes to convince Jas we should go out for dinner as I had already made dinner reservations and had the ring organized.

We went to dinner at a local place in Bondi. I was so nervous and thinking about when was the right time to propose throughout the whole dinner. Finally, I said I wanted to give Jas something before we go away on our trip during dinner.

A little present to mark the beginning of a fabulous holiday. A mooshy paragraph of words then followed this. As I slid the black box across the table, Jas opened it and closed the box straight away. Knowing exactly what it was, but in shock, I then asked her to be my life partner. Tears streamed down her face, repeatedly asking me if this was real and to not make a scene. I couldn’t help but laugh. I slowly got up, made my way to her side of the table, kissing her, confirming this was real and put the ring on her finger. It was a beautiful moment that we both would never forget.

You organised your wedding quickly, why?

I guess there was no real lead-up, as we didn’t really set a date after the engagement. We were happy to wait up until Jas was offered a great job opportunity across the other side of the world In Belgrade, Serbia. It all happened really quickly, and before we knew it, we had four weeks to organize our magical wedding. Looking back, it was meant to be. And I was so glad that I didn’t have a year to fuss and stress about the lead up to the wedding.

What lead you to the venue?

We wanted a venue that felt like home and that the wedding would be an extension of how we like to entertain our friends when they come over. We had eaten at The Centennial numerous times and loved the food and the feel of the venue. They had recently completed renovating their upstairs function room, ‘The Apartment.’ Which was the perfect location for an intimate night with thirty of our closest family and friends.

The inspiration behind the theme and vibe was to make it an extension of our home. As if we were hosting a dinner party where the overall feeling was warm, welcoming, intimate, and romantic. Bree from White Rabbit Projects absolutely nailed the brief and exceeded all our expectations. It was a sexy, sophisticated night. 

….okay, we want the details. Tell us about the wedding day.

A: Both Jas and I decided not to see each other before the wedding, so we were separated two days before the wedding.  

Jas stayed in our apartment, and I was staying at my parent’s place. On the day of the wedding, Jas was at the Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay getting ready with her mum by her side, getting her hair done, making-up, dressing, and photography.  

I was doing the same at my parent’s place. This time getting ready was really lovely to be surrounded by our family and enjoy the moment before the anxiety sunk in. After we were both ready, the photographer took photos of each of us and our families. Capturing those raw organic moments between our families and the posing ones, which I love! 

Before we knew it, it was time to set off to the destination, both traveling in our own hire cars. I felt so anxious while riding in the car as it took us less time than expected to get there. And I didn’t want to see Jas accidentally or for her to see me. So we drove around the block twice, and we just missed each other. 

Climbing up the stairs into the venue, we were both put into separate rooms to wait until everyone had arrived, and Tammi, our celebrant, was ready to begin. Thankfully we had champagne to calm those nerves down. It’s a really special moment anticipating what each other will look like walking down the aisle in front of all your family and friends. 

Jas walked down first, waiting for me, and then I walked down. Jas isn’t a crier, but I got emotional too when I saw her crying with happiness. Together we stood under the chuppah with each of our family members holding onto the poles. Tammi delivered a memorable and touching ceremony incorporating both of our traditions and cultures. We cried and laughed all while holding onto each other. Supporting one another through this incredible ceremony of love and commitment. As soon as we both stood on the glass to announce Mazel Tov, both our families embraced and wished each other congratulations. 

We then went to be with our friends before going over to the table to sign our Jewish Marriage certificate (ketubah). Together with our photographer, we had our family stay up-stairs while our friends went downstairs to enjoy the canapes. Giving us time to take beautiful photography shots. 

After photos had been taken, we joined our friends upstairs, where the room had been transformed into a gorgeous dinner arrangement. The night was filled with speeches, dancing, toasts, delicious food, and most importantly, the room was filled with a warm, love-filled energy. We cut the cake and danced the night away until it was time to say our goodbyes. 

It was a fabulous night, one that Jas and I will remember forever. 

What are your favorite moments?

A: There are so many favorite moments, but my top two are when I surprised Jas with traditional Serbian music with a live piano accordion and guitar. Her family and our guests loved it. It went into spontaneous dancing. It was a beautiful memory for me as I loved seeing Jas so happy and connected to her culture and enjoying the moment. The other highlight is what a fantastic job my brother did as the MC. He was so engaging and set an excellent tone for the evening.

Do you have a standout vendor?

Yes, Bree from White Rabbit Projects, our make-up artist Rochelle Spotwood, Tammi Sussman our celebrant, and Emma Hampton our photographer, were unbelievable.

Tell us a little more about the Serbian Orthodox and Jewish traditions your incorporated into your wedding day.

We incorporated both our family and religious traditions into our ceremony. Jas is Serbian Orthodox, and I am Jewish. We wanted to combine both of our traditions that meant something to both of us traditionally and symbolically.  

For the ceremony, we stood under a chuppah that in the Jewish tradition, symbolizes the new house you and your partner are about to create with each other. Upon entering the chuppah, Jas and I both walked around each other three times. The number three is meaningful in Jewish Mysticism. The three stands for the harmony of opposites that one and two embody. Completing these circles meant we were figuratively completing the construction of the home’s harmonious walls that we share, and a new family circle is created.  

Within Orthodox, our hands were fastened. Symbolizing the strengthening commitment we make on our wedding day and that we shall stay united to share a common life. 

At the end of the ceremony, we broke a glass that in Jewish tradition symbolizes that we remember those who cannot be with us even during joyous celebrations. Jas and I also signed a Jewish marriage certificate.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Love always wins! And when you have an incredible partner that supports you in all the ways you can’t yourself, it makes the journey even more worth going through and fighting for what you believe in.

Photography by Emma Hampton

Catering The Centennial Restaurant Merivale
Celebrant Tammi Sussman
Decorative Elements & Stylist White Rabbit Projects
Engagement & Wedding Rings Kevin Stein Jeweler
Entertainment DJ Brett
Gown Designer Toni Maticevski
H&MU Extra Silky, Rochelle, Norman and Brown
Shoes Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin
Stationery Paperless Post
The Centennial

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