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Beth & Kassidy – An Adventure Elopement in Yosemite

Beth & Kassidy – An Adventure Elopement in Yosemite

Yosemite Elopement Photographers Scenic Vows captured this amazing lesbian elopement (1)

After knowing one another their entire lives, Beth and Kassidy eloped in Yosemite, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, just the two of them.

Talk us through the decision to elope.

Besides the obvious reasons of not wanting the stress of a large wedding, we also did not want the stress and pressure of some in our home community, who have opposing views of how marriage is defined, to possibly stain our day of celebration and love. We also felt the need to consider the possibility that the legitimacy of our marriage would more likely be protected in the state of California vs Oklahoma.

So, while sitting on the couch one day, we just decided to get married. Beth was close to graduating from PA School, and we had our hearts set on moving out of Oklahoma, so getting married felt like the right next step, so we started planning the elopement. We chose Yosemite National Park because of its breathtaking scenery, and it’s a place neither of us had visited before: plus, top-tier hiking and camping… yes, please. Not only did we find the perfect photographers to help us with this adventure elopement, but we also planned a six-night backpacking trip as a sort of honeymoon during our time in Yosemite!

Tell us about telling your loved ones that you are now married.

Since Beth was a PA graduate, she had been applying for jobs in areas of Oregon. Finally, by fate, she received an offer for a dream job in Eugene, OR. We had three months before the move, so we immediately told our family the great news of this new job opportunity in a new place. Reluctant to be excited that we would be moving halfway across the country, our family was happy for us and encouraged us to follow our dreams.

We now knew once we left for Yosemite we would be driving on to Oregon from California, officially starting our new lives as newlyweds. We decided to inform our close friends and family about our decision to elope a few weeks before we left for our trip. It was enthralling to have our own secret for a while, but as the wedding day grew closer, so did our excitement; so we told a few friends here and there to have others to share in the excitement.

We spent the last months in Oklahoma breathing in our closest friends and creating memories to carry us through the transitions of significant life changes. Some family members took some time to accept the fact that we decided to get married, but eventually, we gained support from our families. Although some express their support more than others, we know we are loved. We have learned how important it is to keep boundaries in place to protect and preserve our love, freedom, and happiness.

Talk us through the actual elopement.

July 20, 2022. Waking up in an incredibly decorative and enchanting Yurt, we giggled in each other’s faces as the morning began. The hair and makeup help arrived after we had some coffee and planned where each of us would be getting ready within the Yurt. That required a bit of strategy. The morning moved quickly and slowly, all at the same time.

Once ready, after an intimate moment of sharing our “first look”, we hopped in the car and drove the 45 min commute to the entrance of the National Park. After long winding roads and the loss of cell service, we reached the location where we planned to meet Becky and Brian, our photographers and officiants. Vow books in hand, we were led to a bank near the Merced River, a place fittingly named Cathedral Beach. The beauty that surrounded us as we began the ceremony was dreamlike, and suddenly each other was all we could see. The weather was close to perfect, and the forest was singing as we read our vows and said, “I do”. Impressing, we both managed to not ugly cry during the ceremony.

Becky and Brian then planned an incredible journey as we hiked from one gorgeous spot to the next within the park. Taking full advantage of the show the sky was putting on for us, we popped champagne and shared our first dance together as the sun melted behind the tree line. Then, with the wedding certificate signed and the sun fully set, we made our way through the winding roads back towards the Yurt. Quickly realizing how hungry we were and how late it was, our first meal as a married couple admittedly was Taco Bell.

Photography by Scenic Vows

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Dress Designer Free people
Engagement & Wedding Rings Holden Rings
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Location Yosemite National Park
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