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Advice about Wedding Photography from Wedding Photographers

Advice about Wedding Photography from Wedding Photographers

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Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, especially when making decisions around big-ticket items, like wedding photography. And, to make your decision a little easier, we sat down with a handful of wedding photographers for their best wedding advice about wedding photography.

Meet our contributing photographers;

Adriana Watson, Adriana Watson Photography
Alex, Alexandria Monette Photography
Benjamin Urquhart, Kings & Thieves
Jenny Boyer, Jenny Boyer Photography
Jessica Manns, Jessica Manns Photography
Kelly Balch, Kelly Balch Photography
Morgane Cazaubon, Petite Visuals
Shannon & Jayde Stent, Shannon Stent Images
Suzy Goodrick, Suzy Goodrick Photography
Tanya Voltchanskaya, Tanya Volt Weddings
Tara Robertson, Tara Beth Photography


Benjamin: Make sure your photographer has you at the heart of what they’re doing. Are they genuinely interested in what you’re talking about and are they excited about what you’re planning? Are they passionate about photography? There’s a tonne of photographers to choose from. Look for the ones that try to set themselves apart from the rest, and give no credence to what’s trending.

Shannon & Jayde: Do a lot of research and chat on the phone or in person. When you find the one (or in our case two), you’ll know.

Morgane: Make sure to ‘connect’ with your photographer. Check out their style of photography first to see if you like what they do. And also have a feel for their personal ‘vibe’. How can you check? Check out the recommendations on their social media (it can help you decide), and try to meet them prior to the wedding. This photographer will be there the whole day with you, sharing intimate moments, so you want to have someone that you can connect with.

Tanya: Three things;

  1. Take a look at their work and find something that resonates with you. Just because you like somebody’s photos doesn’t mean that they are the right fit. On a personal note, my fiancee is curvy and body-conscious (and I’m not exactly a size 6 either!) – when choosing a wedding photographer, we looked for someone who was extremely body-positive and had worked with plus-sized brides before.
  2. If you’re looking for somebody to capture the natural moments, don’t just look at their portrait session photos. Make sure their style is relevant to your plans. For example, if most of your day’s highlights are on the dancefloor, there is no point getting a photographer who can’t shoot well in the dark.
  3. Talk to them, preferably in person. As a photographer, what I really need to know is the kind of couple you are, the timings of the day, the people who matter to you and which part of the day needs the most attention. A lot of wedding articles give couples literal scripts of questions – whilst this can be fine for an anxious couple, I’d suggest going with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable to be around, not the one who promises to tick all the boxes of a questionnaire you found on Pinterest.

Adriana: First, love your photographers work. If you feel the need to explain to your photographer what you like, or show them a bunch of Pinterest photos, you might have chosen the wrong photographer. Do your homework, look for testimonials. Google reviews are a great start. Then finally, meet your photographer in person or via Skype. If you both hit it off, you have found “the one”.

Kelly: I was shooting a wedding yesterday and I told this to one of the bridesmaids. You want your wedding photographer to not be a vendor but a friend. You are sharing one of the most vulnerable and intimate times of your life with them, make sure you have a connection with them. Make sure they mean something to you. I guarantee your wedding photos will be ten times better once they know who you are on a more intimate level than just being your wedding vendor.

Tara: Do all the research you can, make sure that you love them & trust them. Trusting your photographer to be able to handle your wedding day is really important. If you feel uneasy about them for any reason find another one! Also, please remember, the photographs are what you’ll have left over after the cake has been eaten, and the flowers have died. Invest in someone you think is incredible!

Jessica: My best advice to couples looking for their wedding photographer is to first find a photographer whose work you love and can envision your wedding day looking like, and then to make sure their personality is one you enjoy. We spend a heck of a lot of time with you, so having someone who makes you feel at ease, comfortable in front of the camera (or as comfortable as you possibly can), and who you can fully trust to do their job without feeling like you need to micromanage.

You have enough to plan for the wedding so find a photographer you like, trust, and have a good feeling about.

Jenny: Hire the artist AND the person. If you don’t love their work, don’t hire them. If you don’t feel like you know them, don’t hire them. There are so, so many amazing creatives. Be seeking to fall in love with someone that you’re willing to pay the value of capturing what will become an heirloom.

Alex: Get on the phone or FaceTime with your potential wedding photographer to see if you guys vibe, ask to see full multiple wedding galleries so you know what to expect as far as what might be delivered to you, and if you can, book an engagement session so you can get comfortable with them in front of the camera prior to your wedding day!

Suzy: The connection between you and your photographer will go far beyond monetary investment. Yes, your investment is absolutely a contributing piece of the conversation, but it’s just one piece of the pie.

Having a great connection to your photographer is crucial for getting the amazing photos you’re dreaming about. When my clients fully know and trust me, it creates trust and intimacy that otherwise wouldn’t be there – and that’s what gets captured. My best advice? Follow your intuition and don’t settle.

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