Boudoir photography isn’t just about some sexy photographs for your lover. It’s an experience, for all women, an opportunity to connect with your personal sexuality.

You’ve probably heard of boudoir photography but passed off the idea that it wasn’t for you, or never ever thought to consider it. Let us introduce to you, Stephanie, of Stephanie Bowers Photography. Based in Brisbane, Stephanie is all about empowering women to see themselves in a light they might not have ever seen themselves in.


The short answer is, yes!

Stephanie has clients who come to her for a whole range of reasons. Many are brides-to-be, looking to give their partner the ultimate personalised gift for the morning of their wedding. Women also book a shoot to celebrate other special milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

There are also those clients that book their shoot simply because they want to celebrate their bodies, embrace being a woman, and invest in a life-changing experience that will leave them feeling confident, empowered and with stunning memories that will last.


Okay, you’ve decided to go for it, congratulations! We know you’ll appreciate it just as much as she will.

When a potential client gets in touch with Stephanie, they are sent a full welcome guide and price list. This introduces to them the boudoir photography experience, gives them an outline of what to expect on the day, some inspiration for outfits and recommendations on where to go shopping.

Once the shoot is booked, Stephanie will continue to consult with you in the lead up to the shoot, providing information on how to best prepare for the day. Then comes the fun part, gathering images that you like the look of. This way, Stephanie can get a feel for the types of images your after and work out how to capture them for you. We guarantee that it’ll get those excited jitters running through you.


Stephanie works out of a beautiful home studio set up in Brisbane, designed as the ultimate safe and welcoming environment for your boudoir photography session. When you arrive, you’ll be pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist.

Stephanie will sit down with you and chat about your dream shoot. Your photography session will be designed specifically around the images and looks that you want to achieve.

The whole team at Stephanie Bowers Photography takes real pride in enhancing your natural beauty, whether you are after the ‘girl next door’ look, or something more daring. As an all-female team, they get women and know how to make sure that you feel your very best.

Once you’ve been made over its time to get in front of the camera. Stephanie will work with you one-on-one from start to finish; encouraging, posing and guiding the entire time. “Luckily clients relax into a shoot when I’m constantly directing them.”

“There comes a moment early on during a shoot where you see their nerves melt away in front of the camera, and they decide to own it! That moment is everything”.

If you’re contemplating doing a boudoir shoot but feel like those bundles of nerves won’t disappear? Stephanie’s advice is to remember that it is normal and expected that you’ll be a bundle of nerves. It’s not every day you step way outside your comfort zone, take your clothes off in front of a stranger and step out in front of a camera!

But, have trust, that without a doubt, every single client that leaves Stephanie’s studio leaves with a spring in their step. Some have even described the experience as ‘the best day of their life’.


Well, we will leave that one for you to finish.