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Aimee & Jo – A Long Distance Love Between Countries

Aimee & Jo – A Long Distance Love Between Countries

Romantic gay double surprise proposal on holidays in Malta Europe (1)

We’ve been together since March 2018. We met on a lesbian dating app when Aimee commented on a forum, and Jo liked her profile. We started chatting as friends, but we were attracted to each other. After about a week of messaging back and forth, it came up in casual conversation that Aimee had an upcoming trip to Florida in June planned with her family. Jo decided to take time off work and book a four-day weekend to meet Aimee with two of her gay best friends. We spoke on video every day for two months until we met in Busch Gardens, Tampa. 

That night, Aimee and Jo stayed up all night getting to know each other and fell asleep in the same clothes they came home in. They spent the entire four-day weekend together, and that’s when they found out they had a mutual obsession with amusement parks and Disney. After the four days were up Jo, drove Aimee back to her family’s rental villa before driving to the airport to fly home.

It’s crazy to think about, but we both agree that if this trip didn’t happen, we probably never would’ve met.

Tell us about the planning for the proposal.

Since we are a long-distance couple, we were both pretty open about marriage from the start. We talked about the future, do’s and don’ts, everything and anything. We knew that we wanted to propose to each other in 2021, but COVID made it challenging to meet. So when we got an updated travel list for the U.K., we knew it was either book now or risk covid keeping us apart for even longer.

Aimee- I had an idea of how I wanted to propose. But I didn’t want to plan too far ahead in case things were canceled. I waited until about a week before the vacation to book a photo tour of Valletta with Ines (who I had found through Airbnb). I wanted it to feel natural. So I decided to see when it felt right rather than over-plan down to a specific location. Keeping my plan a secret was definitely challenging, I’m a terrible liar, and Jo can read me like a book, so she knew it would happen on the photo tour, just not when.

Jo- As a hopeless romantic, I wanted to go all out for my proposal. I’ve always dreamed of the perfect fairy tale proposal. Some call it dramatic, but I like to live my life like a movie, especially with love. Life is short, and I don’t intend on wasting it. My biggest life aspiration is to find the love of my life, marry them, have kids, raise them, and become grandparents. Unfortunately, because of COVID, neither of us got the chance to really plan our proposals until the last minute. 

For our holiday in Malta, we planned what cities we would want to visit, and I decided I wanted to propose on a private charter tour of the islands. Unfortunately, I couldn’t book the tour until that same week due to the nature of the activity (weather/winds/waters). We also still weren’t 100% sure we would get to see each other even though the flights and hotels were booked didn’t help either. However, Aimee knows me inside and out, so she had a good idea of how I was proposing. Aimee loves the water, and she knew I was renting a private charter, but she had no idea of the itinerary or how I would propose. 

We took multiple polaroids together throughout the tour. I set them up in the cabin bedroom and used the backs to spell out, “Will you marry me, Aimee?”. I brought her in, and she saw the polaroid pictures laid out on the bed surrounded by rose petals. She uncovered the question by flipping the images over one by one. When she finished, I was down on one knee with the ring in my hand.

Tell us about the engagement ring experience.

We both knew we were planning to get engaged, and both wanted rings. So we started looking online for things we liked. Nothing premade was really what we wanted, so we decided to get our rings custom-made.

We agreed to go to award-winning wedding jewelers John McKay Jewellers in Paisley, Scotland.

Lesley and Stacey held our hands through the whole process of designing our rings. We told them our diamond preferences and our budget, and they picked out the best ones for us. They even video chatted with us to make sure the metal design looked exactly the way we expected them to look before they were finalized.

We were amazed to see them in person. The rings are beautiful and sparkly-more so than we could have imagined! 

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed?

It marks the start of the immigration journey ahead and the start of the rest of our lives together.

Jo- It’s nice to know that even though nobody is “perfect,” we managed to find the perfect companion for ourselves. I’ve had a hard time opening up in the past. So it’s a breath of fresh air for me to find somebody I can trust with my whole heart. I’ve found strength in vulnerability and a love so great. Who not only makes me a better person but inspires me to give and to make a difference. It’s exciting to have a life partner to share your best experiences with. To enjoy the highest of the highs, but also to know that they’ll be there and that you can count on them to pick you up on your bad days as well. 

How is wedding planning going? What do you hope for your wedding to be?

We haven’t really planned much yet, but we are sure the wedding will be held in Scotland with the reception in a castle or country house. We want to blend our Scottish and Chinese wedding traditions (like a ceilidh and tea ceremony). This could be tricky to balance. But mostly we want to bring all our friends and family together to celebrate and have a good time.

Jo’s family is conservative and traditional. They always envisioned that Jo would marry a Chinese man. We hope that they will attend and be willing to participate in wedding activities and learn to accept Aimee as family.

Photography by Ines Bahr

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