They married in a secluded part of the woods, just Aimee, Melba and their two dogs [Zoe the lab and Moosh, the Shiba mix] before they bought together a handful of their family friends for a reception.

We are pretty much homebodies, mostly because we have three senior dogs and an evil cat to look after. Our lives revolve around them for the most part. Aimee is a locomotive engineer, and Melba is a project manager at an ad agency. You can usually catch us wrapped up in dogs on the couch watching The Office or Friends any night after 9 pm. Once in a blue moon, we will go out to catch a movie or go to a dog event on the weekends. We also love to get drinks now and then with friends. Whatever we do, we love being in each other’s company.

We have been together for about 2.5 years, and we’ve been married for two months. Though, we go way back. We met, coincidentally, at a dog park through mutual friends seven years ago. There isn’t much that doesn’t have to do with dogs in our lives, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aimee proposed to Melba at our favourite place in the world, Rockport, MA. We’d been on vacation to Salem, MA back in October of 2017. We ended up staying at an Airbnb in Rockport, a neighbouring beachfront town. We instantly fell in love with the homes, people, and breathtaking views.

We were exploring the day we arrived and stumbled across the Dawn Avenue footpath at the very tip of Rockport. We walked all the way down to the water across these massive rocks. It was amazing. Aimee had been trying to figure out how to propose for a while, and as soon as she saw that spot, she knew that was it.

We both loved it so very much.

About a month later we planned another trip there for my birthday. Aimee brought her back to that exact spot on her birthday afternoon. We set up a camera and joked around and played. We were doing little skits back and forth with one another. Melba was bouncing around as usual. Aimee told Melba to propose to her, which she did as funny as possible a few times. Then, Aimee reached into her jacket and announced that THIS is how you do it. She got down on one knee and asked ‘will you marry me?’. It was small and perfect and one of the best moments of their entire lives.

We went back and forth a bunch trying to figure out how we wanted to get married. We knew we wanted to keep it somewhat small. Then one of our families tried to take over the whole event stressing us out like crazy. We decided to get married, just the two of us, for the sake of our sanity.

We love simplicity, and we love pink! We also didn’t want to spend a tonne of money. We absolutely love our photographer’s [Tash] style of shooting. It’s exactly what we wanted. We chose a lot of woodsy colours and vibes to match Tash since our biggest priority was photos.

 Our wedding morning started with our senior Labrador falling into the inground pool that had a solar cover on it haha! She was fine, but our friend Adam had to jump in to rescue her. She was extra happy when she was rescued. We had a 100-pound wet dog for the first half of the day. Besides that, everything else went smoothly.

Melba was the most beautiful Aimee have ever seen her.

We did a “first look”. Aimee was floored – she’s normally a pretty anxious person, especially at big events, but as soon as we took our place under that arbour, the entire world disappeared. All she could think was how in the world she had tricked her into marrying her. She thought back to our journey and all the amazing things we would go on to do from that point forward.

I stood there imagining how awesome of a story I will have to tell our future kids. There isn’t a feeling in the world like it. I will carry that with me forever.


To us, marriage means that we’re home. It means that we’ve made it. Our long schlep is over. No more figuring anything out, no more searching, no worrying about where you might end up or who you might end up with. No more craziness and no worrying about ever having to face the world alone.

It’s the ultimate forever home.

It’s being able to unpack all the boxes and throw them away for good. It’s ultimate security. It’s the most important promise, not only to each other, but to yourself – that you will always love and respect and communicate. That you will grow into each other and learn along the way. Change with one another. Never stifle. To just, all in all, be grounded. To cherish and respect what you have built together and to never do anything to damage what you are lucky enough to have found.

Cupcakes Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, NY | Catering The Butcher Block, NY | Celebrant Jacob Centrone [friend] |  Rings Marken’s Jewelers, Iz & Co | Photographer Natasha ShapiroReception Venue Maggie Mae’s,  Sunnyside, NY | Suit Bindle & Keep | Gown David’s Bridal