Alex & Maddy met four years ago at a bar in Melbourne. They love live music, adventuring with their two dogs and spontaneous trips away together. They celebrated their wedding day in Goulburn, New South Wales.

DWH: Tell us all the proposal details.

A: Maddy is an avid Harry Potter fan, so for our first overseas trip together, to New Zealand, I had cut a heart out of the pages of a Harry Potter book and had the ring sitting on ‘the unbreakable vow’ chapter.

Of course, things don’t always go to plan and my months of wanting to wait until we were under a mountain having a morning cup of coffee were ruined on the first night we arrived when I was overwhelmed with nerves. I basically threw the book at Maddy and expected her to say no because of how bad it all went! Luckily, she still said yes.


DWH: What led to choosing your venue?

A & M: We both really wanted the reception to be in a barn, and jumped on Google. The first venue that came up just so happened to be in the next town from where Maddy grew up and where all of her family still lives. Once we inspected it, we knew that it was right.

DWH: And, finding your key venues.

A: A big thing for us is service, and unfortunately this is the one thing that made it easy for us to eliminate a lot of people. Maddy already knew our photographer, Liz Arcus, and had always wanted her to photograph the wedding and we were lucky she was available.

Our videographers, Andrew and Grace from Bottlebrush Films, were outstanding. They were so professional yet personable, and they really do just love, love. They even customised our forms to state Bride and Bride; it’s the little details that mean the most.

Our florist, Kelly, runs a family owned business and she understood what it was like to plan a wedding. She was so professional and went out of her way to take the stress out of everything.


DWH: Did you do undertake any DIY projects for the wedding day?

A & M: We did do a few DIY projects. We had some giant lawn games that were really wanted, and the family were happy to help us out with this, so they made giant Jenga (which doubled as our wedding guest book) and a giant A & M naughts and crosses game. We really wanted to think outside the box and customise a few things to suit us. We also had rainbow garters which we had one of the family members make for us.


DWH: Talk us through the wedding day, how did it all go?

A: My favourite moment was Maddy reading her vows. We wrote out our own, so it was a really nice moment to be in. I also really enjoyed the speeches.

M: I loved sharing a moment with Alex’s Dad in the morning and walking down the aisle, not being able to see Alex, but knowing she was there right beside me. I also loved hearing my sister read a verse about the way I always aspired for my love to be.

A: Not everything went to plan. Unfortunately one of Maddy’s bridesmaids came down with pneumonia so couldn’t make it.

M: Something for other brides to take note off, remember to take your seat belt off before getting out of the car! Unfortunately, Alex completely forgot that she was wearing a seatbelt and tried to get out of the car to walk down the aisle and was sling shot back into the car (yes, it’s on video!)


DWH: Oh, perfect!  Lastly, do you have any advice for others planning their wedding day?

A & M: The best advice we received, and actually followed, was to make everything a celebration when planning. We always made sure we opened a bottle of wine and got the bridal parties over as much as possible as well. After the big day you will remember a lot of the lead-up, so make it just as fun!

Alex + Maddy // Byrchendale // GOULBURN VALLEY from Bottlebrush Films on Vimeo.

Photography Liz Arcus Photography