Photographed by Allie Wynands

This engagement first appeared in Volume 3 of Dancing With Her Magazine, you can grab a copy of that here.

Alexis had an idea that I was going to buy a ring, but she had no idea when, where or how I would propose.

She’d always wanted a surprise party, and so, that’s what I decided to give her. I had my best friend set up a table in front of a brewery with a poem I wrote her, a sign asking her to marry me and a whole bunch of other decorations. Our friends and family brought food, and the owners of Devils Creek Brewery not only decorated, but created Alexis and I a beer each that they knew we’d love; banana for her, cotton candy for me.

Alexis thought we were going to dinner, just the two of us, it was nearly my birthday and it was the perfect cover. We walked in, our favourite song playing and she saw the table, I got down on one knee, and after some crying, she said yes.

A few months later, Alexis decided that she wanted to ask me back and in the middle of a Ron Pope concert, she did just that. She got down on one knee during one of our favourite songs, Ron Pope stopped singing, asked who had just got engaged and pulled us up to the front of the stage. Alexis had even organised for 15 of our closest friends to meet us after the concert to celebrate.

Photographed by Allie Wynands

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