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Alison & Beth

Alison & Beth

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For some, it’s all about the diamond engagement ring. For others, it’s a mutual decision to take the next step in their lives together. We sat down with Alison and Beth, two women wildly in love, about their relationship and why a big emphasis on a proposal just wasn’t them.

Who are you both? Individually and as a couple.

A & B: As a couple, we are best friends who talk about everything, push each other to reach our goals, and put the other person first. Individually, Alison is an editor who loves to dance, horseback ride, and read all the books she can get her hands on. Beth is also an editor, but she can bake like no one’s business, loves art, plays soccer, and is currently training for her fourth marathon.

How did you meet?

A & B: We met while working for a magazine. Saying it was love at first sight sounds so cheesy, but it was. We became friends first, but we had such an amazing connection that our feelings were impossible to ignore.

Tell us a little about your love story. What is your favorite thing about one another, how did you know she was the one?

A: I remember when I first met Beth. Walking over to her desk every morning just to talk to her, and when I did, it felt like I was standing in the sun. I felt so warm and good just having her eyes on me. I admired Beth’s strength and her brilliant mind. Loving how athletic she was and how she was the kind of person who could just make things happen because she’s so proactive. I fell so hard and so fast. I remember thinking so early on in knowing her: Wouldn’t it be so incredible if I married this woman? And I did. And it’s the best thing.

B: Alison and I connected on so many levels. I knew right away that a life with her would never be without good conversation. And I guess that’s how you know it’s the real thing. You automatically envision growing old with the other person. We were friends for a couple of years before we started dating, but every day felt like a building block for our future together. 

We want all the details on the proposal! How did it all happen?

A: We decided to talk about marriage and decide on it together! We thought long and hard about proposals, and in the end, we decided that it wasn’t entirely right for us. I had watched a bunch of my female friends wait for their boyfriends to propose. They always seemed to feel so stressed and frustrated by the process of just waiting for their guy to pop the question. Since this would be a mutual life decision. Why not just talk it out the way you would discuss any other mutual life decision (like buying a house or moving or having kids). 

We wanted to commemorate the occasion, though, so after we decided that we wanted to get married, I asked a friend to make us an engagement quilt. We picked out a color palette and design and asked her to embroid our names and the date on there. When it came in the mail, we had a nice candlelit dinner, and then we opened the box together. After that, we were engaged.

How is wedding planning going for you both? What have been the challenges or things that are easier than expected?

A & B: Wedding planning is so fun but so intense. We’re having a non-traditional wedding with a lot of fun elements. An acapella group during the ceremony, a drum line at the end of the night, seven different flavored cakes so guests can get multiple slices, a fire pit, etc., so deciding on all of that has been a blast. Our relationship is special, and we want our wedding to capture that.

Photography by March 13 Photography

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