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Allyson & Sheila – Wildly and Fiercely in Love

Allyson & Sheila – Wildly and Fiercely in Love

Married back in 2017, Allyson and Shelia are wildly in love. This boho-chic styled edit in California, captured by Oscar + Dassi, captures their love intimately and authentically.

How did you meet?

A: We met the first day of Algebra class in college. Neither one of us wanted to be there but Shelia was obviously a better student than I am. I quickly made up a lie to get out of class, glanced around the room for a nice looking girl whom I could swindle notes out of later and saw Shelia. I asked for Shelia’s number, and the following days I never went back to Algebra class, but continued to have Shelia meet me for “notes”.

What is your favorite memory together?

A: It’s absolutely preposterous to ask us to just choose one, however, our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic would be one of the best times we’ve ever had. Specifically, a dessert night. Shelia and I stayed at an all-inclusive resort which had endless food. One night, we drank a little [okay, a lot] and decided in the middle of the night we wanted to get dessert.

Not just one, a buffet of desserts to bring back to our room.

As we carried armfuls of pies, brownies and more we laughed and danced down the hallways of the resort. When we were so close to our room, I turned to look back at Shelia laughing and saw an instant change in her face. We both looked down, and she dropped her cheesecake. Maybe it’s a moment you had to be there for, but that’s probably the reason we love it so much. We laughed at her sad little cheesecake on the ground and continued on our merry way, to eat the rest of our buffet together and enjoy looking out at the ocean and starry filled sky.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

A: Being transparent, I struggled at a time with depression. There was a time in our VERY strong relationship that if felt like it was crumbling before our eyes. I felt so lost in my mind, that it made me feel lost in my relationship as well.

Through this, Shelia hadn’t experienced anything like what I was going through, and nor had I. She fought for me. Every day she reminded me of who I am when I’m healthy. She wrote notes to give me daily lifts, she made little gifts to make me smile, she fought. Whole-heartedly she pulled me from the dark.

That’s what a good partner does in life.

Our relationships will have times where things are not always 50/50; and when I could only put in 5%, my wife was there to put in 95%.

Together, we overcame and have grown leaps and bounds our relationship. I’ll always feel so safe and protected in life, knowing that my girl will fight for us even if there is a day I can’t and I’ll always do the same right back.

Tell us your favorite thing about one another

A: My favorite thing about Shelia is her heart. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever encountered in my life. If someone is broken down, Shelia’s pulling over to help. If someone is in need, Shelias driving to give. My wife is nice, really nice. I mean. SUPER nice. I couldn’t be any prouder of that.

S: My favorite thing about Allyson is her determination and drive. It’s so encouraging and makes me feel like I have so much trust and faith in her, that when she is on a path towards something I will follow her anywhere.

That’s something I learned very early on in our life together, and it’s always given us an incredible and exciting life and an even more exciting future.

What’s in the future for you both?

A: “Big plans” says, Shelia. We’re building our gal-empire right now. I work full time as a wedding/event florist and Shelia works part-time doing bartending. Our other gal pals will also help do day-of coordinating and florals for the company as well.

Our company is called, Love Sparrows. It’s a little spin off our last name, Sparrow. Each and every day it’s growing and one day we hope to travel around the world and watch people elope next to our dreamy blooms, and drink booze together at the end of their memorable day.

After that, we’re hoping we settle into owning our own venue. Traveling the world, and planning weddings, that’s what we want for our future together.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

A: We’re our own #relationshipgoals, but I wish I could scream at the top of the rooftops that every woman out there deserves to be treated the way we treat each other. That out there, there’s a girl that will treat you the way you deserve. Nothing in life, not my dreams, goals or desires will ever be as important as being in a loving relationship. With that being said, Shelia and I nurture our relationship every day, and take the time to talk to one another.

I encourage every woman out there to know her worth and fight for it, in business and in love.

Photography by Oscar + Dassi

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