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Alyce & Danielle – A Homestead Wedding in the Blue Mountains

Alyce & Danielle – A Homestead Wedding in the Blue Mountains

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Although Danielle’s family was, at times, not accepting of their marriage, they did still honor Lebanese wedding traditions in their beautiful homestead wedding in the Blue Mountains.

If marriage equality didn’t become legal in Australia, we had planned to fly to New Zealand to get married. 

Once it was legalized in Australia, it was a race to see who could first propose. We went for a walk in Sir Alfred Nicholas Gardens in the Dandenong Ranges during a holiday to Melbourne, where we used to live. Danielle handed Alyce a gift that Alyce thought was a signed Lady Gaga poster for her birthday. When she opened it, she saw it was a night sky map of the co-ordinates of that day, and behind the poster, there was Danielle on one knee.

We had a few family issues along the way, as it was a struggle for some of Danielle’s family because of cultural issues (Lebanese). We remained strong as a couple and are even stronger today, knowing that we can get through anything together. 

Many times when looking for vendors for the wedding, we always had to correct them and tell them that we were two women and not one woman and one male. This became exhausting, having to consistently correct people, but knowing we were helping to pave the way for future LGBTQIA+ people to marry without issues, made it easier for us.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme?

We bonded over a love for the moon, the stars and the night sky. Every time we would talk to each other on the phone, we would be looking out the window at the sky, and at night we would always see a full moon. When we went out for one Valentine’s day, Danielle took Alyce on a picnic under the Harbour Bridge, it was a beautiful night and it happened to be a full moon. We based our theme around the nights sky and the full moon. We loved that we picked the surname ‘Knight’ and that this could have a double meaning but that it also fits with our theme. It also was a full moon the night of our wedding, which we didn’t even plan, but somehow the sky that night even fit in with our theme.

Your wedding dresses compliment one another so well, was it planned?

Not something that was planned, no.

Alyce found her dress very quickly. It was the second dress she tried on, and she bought it then and there. 

Unfortunately, Danielle experienced some racism when looking for her dress in one particular shop, so this took her a little longer to find. She eventually went to another store where she had a much more pleasant experience. She found dress she had been looking for.

Talk to us about the big day! 

Our day was absolutely perfect. Everything went to plan and there were no hiccups- that we knew of anyway.

All of our guests are still talking about the wedding and saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to. The speeches were perfect, the staff was terrific, and all the food was full of flavor. 

We started off our couples dance to our song Stevie Nicks. Crystal and then halfway through the song we had Lebanese drummers come in and crash the slow dance. Then, we then broke out into Lebanese dancing and everyone joined us on the dance floor. 

Anxiety about the weather on the day grew, as it was raining and cold the whole week leading up to our big day. On the morning of the wedding, we were so relieved to wake up and see the sun and blue skies. The only bad thing was that the day went too fast and we wanted that moment to last forever. The whole room was filled with love, and we certainly felt it. It was very empowering to have a room full of so many people that love and support us 100%. 

The night finished with a really powerful song- “This is me” from the greatest Showman soundtrack. We were dancing together with all of our guests circled around us, singing the song at the top of their voices.

How did you incorporate cultural traditions into your ceremony and reception?

Alyce had her sister and her best friend as her bridesmaids, Danielle had her Aunty and her best friend. 

We had Lebanese drummers to incorporate a bit of Danielle’s culture and the tradition of Lebanese drummers at Lebanese weddings. 

We had two cousins and two close friends at the ceremony each read a small reading from a poem or a powerful quote. 

Danielle had her mum walk her down the aisle. Unfortunately, her dad did not attend the ceremony, and Alyce had her mum and dad walk her down the aisle. We also had our nephew and niece be flower boy and flower girl. Alyce’s grandmother as our ring bearer, she absolutely loved that we asked her to do this.

Now that you’re married, what does your marriage mean to you?

Firstly the legal side of being married is beautiful, it’s so meaningful to be recognized and safe. It feels that we are now taken seriously by people when we say we are married. It is nice to be treated as equals. 

Just when we thought our love couldn’t have got more profound and more meaningful, it did. The commitment was always there, but that day, a day that had been actively protested against, we could claim as our own. 

It is also very empowering to share the same last name. We wanted to revive an old maiden name that was lost in traditional marriage. We went with Alyce’s Great grandmother’s maiden name, Knight.

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