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Alyssa & Ari – Two Meaningful Queer Proposals

Alyssa & Ari – Two Meaningful Queer Proposals

Queer Double Proposal in Utah

Alyssa and Ari shared two meaningful proposals, that were a surprise to both the brides-to-be. One in a significant nature reserve, another in a transformed basement.

Tell us about the proposals. 

Ari and I both knew we wanted to both propose to each other. While we both knew our intentions and desire to be married at some point, we didn’t clearly set a timeline or expectations around when we would be engaged or married. 

Ari’s proposal to Alyssa.

Ari surprised Alyssa in August of 2021 with a proposal on a sunny Sunday afternoon. After a weekend of visiting family in Minnesota, we stopped in my hometown to walk our pups through a nature reserve named after my father who passed when I was nine. 

While walking the trails, Ari asked if we wanted to stop to take a few pictures with our pups. I was shocked when after taking a few pictures, Ari got down on one knee and asked if I would marry her – explaining she wanted my dad to be part of the day. 

Alyssa’s proposal to Ari.

I knew after proposing first, Ari was patiently waiting for me to propose to her. I had told her I was waiting for her ring to arrive, and because of the holidays the shipping was causing delays. 

I surprised her the night before new years eve with an intimate proposal in our home in Omaha. While Ari was at the gym, I had turned our basement into a string-lit, silk-canopied floor picnic – complete with fluffy blankets and pillows, candles, flowers, appetizers, and wine. 

I convinced Ari we were going out for the night and then led her into our basement for the surprise. I had a gift bag for Ari to open, the first item being a small ring holder. She exclaimed how she was excited to get her ring eventually and be able to put it on the holder (aware of the shipping delays). She then pulled out a small, wrapped canvas that had scrabble letters on it spelling “will you marry me?” – I surprised Ari by pulling the ring box out from under the blanket and proposing. 

Tell us about the engagement rings.

Both of our rings we purchased from Staghead Designs out of Odgen, Utah. We found Staghead on Instagram and fell in love with her unique designs and the fact it is a small business. We also enjoyed the fact that Staghead supports inclusivity and diversity. We each picked out our own rings, just unaware of when the other was purchasing or proposing. 

How is wedding planning going?

Our inspiration has come from many places including previous weddings we have attended and been part of. We are trying to center our wedding around being intentional; intentional with the people who we will share the day with, the words we speak, the photos and items present at our ceremony and reception and lastly intentional about the energy we bring to each other and to those we are sharing the day with. 

We are getting married in May at Sky Ranch Lodge in Sedona, overlooking panoramic red rocks views. We met in Flagstaff and some of our fondest memories are when as a couple we adventured down to Sedona, hiking and enjoying each other’s company in a place to us that feels so peaceful. 

Photography by Jessica and Nick Photo and Film

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