Words by Bec

Girl goes to hairdresser; girl meets hairdresser. Girl falls in love with hairdresser. 

Like many love stories, ours started with a beautiful friendship and a few too many fringe trims. The energy we felt from the moment we met made it obvious the universe had a plan. After both leaving long term relationships, it was then that plan was revealed.  

Our favorite memory together can not be singled to just one. Being able to call one another wives and actually spending our lives together was a wild dream which came true. 

Memories that stand out from the rest would be our two walks down the aisle. When Amber proposed to Beck in 2015, it never crossed our minds that we would be able to legally wed in any foreseeable future. We found the ridiculously cool Erin Woodhall to help us celebrate our love with our family and friends in 2016. Erin generously gifted us an IOU for when it was legal to wed to do it all over again.  

We called her up not 18months later, and we were lucky enough to do it all over again and make it official. How many brides get to do that!

In light of many same-sex relationships having many challenges, we are definitely grateful for the love and acceptance we have always felt. 

Friendships have been tested, but never true friendships. 

We are incredibly blessed with generous souls who share their life and family with us. Together in 9 years, we have opened, closed and moved business’s, taken leaps with new jobs, traveled the world, brought a house, adopted our dog (Frankie), and lived our lives to the fullest, together.

Beck is incredibly supportive, fiercely loyal and hell of a lot of fun, there’s no party if Beck hasn’t shared her rendition of Horses by DB, or gotten out her spoons to show us her county roots. Beck is a family girl and I never have to question her love for me, or our lives together. Life with her is the best adventure I could ask for.

Beck just said ‘Baby’ ‘that’s exactly what I was going say about you!’- except for the country bit!

In many ways we are the ying to the others yang, but so the same! 

Often confused for sisters, until they see us kiss or hold hands – we both cook for one another, we both clean, and Amber is the big spoon.

Photography Aisling Bourke Photography