They married in Melbourne’s inner west, in a wedding day that was entirely them. Complete with tacos, guacamole and XXXX Gold beer.

DWH: How did you lovers meet?

A & B: We met in May 2010 when Amy was asked to keep Banc company at a mutual friends 21st birthday party because Banc didn’t know anybody else there, and Amy claims she hasn’t found better company since! And, that same day, fumbling, awkward and inebriated, they kissed for the first time. That toilet paper stuck to Banc’s shoe that night singlehandedly added to her adorable left of centre charm and solidified Amy’s unwavering cool as it didn’t seem to bother either of them one little bit.

DWH: Talk us through the proposal, who proposed to who?

A & B: We fought for a long time about who would propose – it was an ongoing discussion, but, secretly, Amy had a ring almost the whole time. (Banc hates surprises, and, of course, Amy LOVES to surprise her).
After a string of impressive miss-truths, secret dinners with Banc’s best friend, accidentally committing contract fraud, THEN Amy having to steal the ring from it’s hiding place at her mum and dads so nobody knew it was coming, the proposal was set.

A surprise garden party was then planned by Amy for Bancs 25th birthday with their dearest friends in attendance. Sack races, pin the tail on the alpaca, and an extraordinary scavenger hunt that led Banc to finish with Amy, in the rain, on bended knee, offering her the key to her heart and an invitation to spend the rest of their lives together.

Banc cried. Banc swore. Banc cried some more. Then she said yes!

The following day, under the guise of a post-birthday shopping trip, they ventured into the city. Banc took a cheeky detour into Michael Hill jeweller on Elizabeth Street, stopped, looked at Amy and said: “pick one!” So, Amy did!

Banc asked to see the ring Amy had chosen, then got down on one knee in the store and asked if Amy would marry her back. Amy said yes, and the sales ladies cried and cheered. Although Amy, never wanting to let the chance to tell a good story pass, asked if she could say that Banc ran out into the busy street, stopped a tram and got down on one knee? But Banc said it wasn’t believable, and Amy shouldn’t bother.

No tram, but we both had a rock, a yes, and each other.

DWH: INCREDIBLE! Tell us about the inspiration for the day, what sort of wedding did you dream of?

A & B: Our only brief was warm, intimate, delicious, vibrant, relaxed, personal and beautiful. We didn’t want it to be typical. We wanted it to look, smell, taste and feel like us. And to the smallest detail, it absolutely did.

DWH: You both wore white dresses?

A & B: We wore dresses designed by La Sposa (Spain) that had matching lace but were distinctively different in style. Bianca wore a floor-length veil, while Amy opted for a shorter veil. Once we arrived at our reception, the veils were ripped out and replaced with beautiful handmade flower crowns from Botanics of Melbourne. Amy wore white lace-up flats from Sportsgirl and Bianca wore nude pearl flats from Nine West. Neither of us wore any jewellery (!) – we simply wanted our beautiful gowns and incredible florals to be the centre of attention!

DWH: You married in the inner west of Melbourne, how did you decide on the venue?

A & B: Eventually, it was very organic. We planned the whole concept three times over, and the last one really stuck. The first two attempts we kept getting snagged. Unable to make solid choices or lock anything in – that was probably because we genuinely weren’t doing what we wanted. It took us time to find our nook, and we did this by crossing off things we didn’t like. Once we sat down with a clear vision and open minds, stopped trying so hard, and felt our way through instead of overthinking it, it really unfolded naturally, organically and we just started saying yes. We are a great team. This process highlighted that 1000 times over.

We have always loved the garden amphitheatre at the Footscray Community Arts Centre and could just see ourselves getting married there from the first time we saw it. As for our reception, we went to Lady Moustache for brunch one weekend (we love brunch!) and thought “How good would a wedding be here?” They had never ever done a wedding before, and we were so pleased with how it turned out. It could be described as getting married and having a party at home – that’s the vibe! With free rain to pick and choose our own space layout, venue owners who invested in our day and genuinely cared about the outcome, and a beautiful big balcony overlooking the city, you can’t put a price on that!

DWH: We want to know all the details of the ceremony. 

We had our beautiful ceremony in the garden amphitheatre at the Footscray Community Arts Centre. Such a blissful, beautiful place – surrounded by water, greenery and beautiful people. It was absolutely perfect. We had around 90 people attend our ceremony. We had incredible flowers all over the place designed by the wonderful boys at Botanics of Melbourne. Koren Harvey was our incredible celebrant – she was so easy to work with, and we now consider her a friend – that’s how well we clicked. She made the whole process so easy.

DWH: And how about the reception, did choosing a venue that usually doesn’t cater to wedding bite you?

A & B: We had our reception at Lady Moustache in Yarraville. Lady Mo’s is a café/bar with a seriously relaxed (but extremely professional) vibe. The owners and their wonderful staff made all of the planning and the day, so perfect. They treated us like family, and we will forever be grateful for that.

The food was cocktail Mexican/South American style, think tacos, taquitos, chimichangas, and guac as far as the eye can see.

While the booze was a highlights reel of our favourites with some local brews on tap, and a small special order put in for the brides family to scratch the itch only a can of XXXX can get.

The venue was styled with mismatch antique and retro furniture, not one piece alike, and was garnished with the most incredible flowers from the boys at Botanics of Melbourne – it felt like a forest, exactly what we had hoped!

DWH: Are there any other special details you’d like to share with us?

A: Mine would probably be the genuinely positive and lovely interactions we had with all of our vendors. 

Also, I cannot go past seeing Banc for the first time just before the ceremony. Tears streamed down my face, and I didn’t even know I was crying because I was so swept up in her and all her beauty. There were so many laughs and hugs from all of our favourite people in the same place.

You can’t top that any day of the week, but on this day, nothing came close to topping her. The speeches were also marvellous. Banc’s dad’s speech was one for the record books – it had it all!

You will also see in amongst the photos that, during the ceremony, Banc’s brother Ben came to stand with us. He was sitting in his seat so overwhelmed and emotional that he physically couldn’t contain it, and my heart couldn’t hold in my care for him. Instinctively, I forgot where I was and invited him up for a cuddle. Ben stayed standing with me, hugging me so tight that I couldn’t bear to ask him to go sit down again, so he stayed for a while. It was real, special, and an indication for me that I’d absolutely picked the right family.

B: There were so many special moments and very memorable ones at that. If I absolutely had to pick just a couple, the first would be seeing my beautiful bride for the very first time – we were surrounded by trees and greenery, both looking beautiful and my eyes just filled with tears. How blessed I felt that this incredible human being had chosen me, not only that day, but for every day ahead. Another incredible highlight was walking down the aisle with my dad, and my Brother, Ben who has Down Syndrome. That was a pretty special moment for us – and for him – he was so proud.

The day was just so much fun and most importantly, so us. Everything came together as planned and so much more. I would love to do it all over again!

Photography LJM Photography Hair Daisy Fields Hair (Ash)Makeup Makeup by Amelia WebbStyling & Florals Botanics of Melbourne FloralsStationery The Oyster’s PearlCelebrant Koren Harvey Cake Sticky Fingers BakeryRings Michael Hill Jeweller | Calligraphy Calligraphy by Moya