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Amy, Jess & Addi – An IVF Journey

Amy, Jess & Addi – An IVF Journey

Lesbian IVF Journey - Brisbane Same-Sex Wedding Photographer - Dancing With Her

Having a family, when you’re a same-sex couple isn’t always something that’s easy. Amy and Jess share their IVF journey to conceive little Addi

Words by Amy.

Jess and I met in 2010 through mutual friends.

It was a controversial beginning that took a lot of strength and a lot of fight. We ended up together, and it felt like everything just fell into place.

Soon after we met, I was awkwardly asking her to be my girlfriend while sitting in the back of her car because she had picked me up from work on my lunch break so that we could get half an hour with each other.

We fell quickly and disgustingly in love. The couple you see at a bar who can’t keep their hands off each other. Our friends would often tell us to ‘tone it down a little.’

Fast forward 12 months, and we were living together, engaged, have two dogs Mikey and Beau. We were also planning an overseas sabbatical.

We traveled to Europe for six months in 2013, and it was the most amazing experience to share, the world is incredible. It was there that we decided that we would get home and start our next dream. The dream of becoming a family.

We have been through our challenges over the eight years we have been together but trying to get pregnant was most definitely our hardest challenge.

Together, we went through two years of IVF, nine attempts & three miscarriages but then in November 2016, our dream came true. We were finally pregnant with a little girl.

We welcomed Addison in July 2017, and she is everything to us. She is so loved by all of our family and friends, a truly precious miracle.

The embryo that was transferred that is now her was a really poor quality embryo. When we went in to have the transfer the scientist told us that there were dead cells and that it didn’t look good. Our Doctor also agreed and didn’t have much hope for our last embryo. This was devastating to hear and we didn’t know if we could go through another two-week wait [to hear of a pregnancy result] if there was no hope. Our Doctor said that we could either transfer now and ‘just see what happens’ or we could leave the embryo for another 24 hours and go from there. We chose to leave it for another 24 hours. We got the call in the morning from our Doctor who said that we had a green light! He said that it was now a perfect embryo.

We absolutely could not believe it.

We went in for our transfer an hour later and we now have our amazing little miracle.\


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