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Amy, Jess & Addi – A Canceled Wedding Day

Amy, Jess & Addi – A Canceled Wedding Day

Their wedding day was canceled less than one month before it was set to take place, thanks to COVID-19. The lovers did get a chance to have their pre-wedding photoshoot together.

Words by photographer, Danielle of Lightsmith Images

Amy and Jess were due to tie the knot on the 25th April 2020. Like so many couples, they were past the planning stage and well into the excitement phase of what would be their biggest celebration to date. Addi had her dress ready to go. I’ve no doubt would have been so looking forward to putting it on for the big party.

Jess, who works as a Doctor and is now more than ever is committed to serving her patients and community, is pregnant with their newest family member due in just a few months. When I met Amy, Jess, and Addi for their pre-wedding shoot, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, the 14th March. Jess told me how she had just found the perfect dress that would be altered just the week before the wedding to ensure the right fit around her pregnant body.

All the pieces of the puzzle had finally, come together.

After their shoot, we grabbed a coffee and chatted about how lucky they were that the Coronavirus crisis had not yet impacted their wedding.

The world, as we know it, changed two days later, and their wedding would not be going ahead in 2020. The little dress chosen for Addi, would not be worn for this occasion.

I met Amy, Jess and Addi a couple of years ago now, and I am honored not only to capture milestones in their lives, but to call them my friends. Knowing the profound disappointment they must be feeling, breaks my heart. Despite their best efforts, an alternate date for their wedding is yet to be set. And, until that new date is in the calendar, I suspect it will feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

I know we will all come out the other side of this crisis. In the meantime, we are learning more about true connection, community, and kindness. It is, however, a heavy price to pay for those couples like Amy and Jess. They simply want to celebrate their love with the people they cherish the most. With hugs and kisses, and music and food and belly laughs.

As a photographer, one of the many vendors impacted by this crisis. It is so challenging – at times, so draining – to support our disappointed couples at this time. When it comes to Amy and Jess, however, my light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that whenever their wedding does take place, there will be another little family member to enjoy in the celebrations.

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