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Amy & Lauren

Amy & Lauren

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Words by Amy

Man. The big day. What a perfect day it was. 

We decided that the old ‘it’s bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony’ saying was totally bogus and got ready together!

That morning, Lauren’s Mom’s house was turned into wedding central with bridesmaids, hairstylists, makeup artists, the brides, mothers of the brides, a flower girl, and plenty of mimosas. The whole house was filled with love, laughter, and excitement for what the day would hold. 

When it came time for us to put on our dresses, we went to our respective rooms [Lauren with her Mom, Amy with her Mom, sister, and niece] and we lived out that classic romance movie scene of stepping into the most perfect [and freaking heavy] dress’ of our dreams. We got the perfect photos of our moms helping zip and button our dresses. I’d like to formally apologize to my Mom at this moment for having forty-seven very tiny buttons. Also, for having twenty-two bustles, but that’s another story. 

Lauren and her Mom had always had the dream of her walking down the grand staircase in her dress. So that’s exactly what she did, and that’s actually where we had our first look. Amy was at the bottom of the stairs, Lauren was at the top, and we turned [in slow motion, of course] to finally see each other in the most beautiful moment of our lives. That first look is a moment we will never forget. 

Now onto the party bus to the venue! The brides, mothers, and bridesmaids partied like rockstars for the forty minutes it took to get to the venue. There were plenty more champagne and some Missy Elliot jams to get us pumped! That forty-minute drive felt like ten because we were having so much fun. 

When we arrived at the venue, we had another unique first look. 

Amy, Dad, Lauren’s Step Dad, and Lauren’s two brothers were waiting for us in the venue’s courtyard. They were in their suite, with their backs towards us, just waiting to see their girls. As we walked up behind them, they turned around, and while they might not all admit it, we know there were tears in each of their eyes. Another beautiful moment that we are so happy we got to experience. 

After that, it was immediately onto bridal party pictures! Warehouse 109 has some dreamy backgrounds. Mix that with our incredible photography team, and you can see how amazing the photos turned out! Our photographer, Meg, was a total badass the whole time, leading us around to follow her vision, and we had every confidence in her eye. 

Soon the guests started arriving and being seated in the ceremony garden, and it was showtime! Our bridesmaids and bridesmen all lined up and walked down the aisle to a live cellist, who was playing, “A River Flows In You.” 

Now, not to brag, but we had a good looking bridal party. However, while all of our bridesmaids and men looked absolutely amazing in their dresses and suits, the best looking member of our bridal party to walk down the aisle was our pup, Charlie! Yes, he walked down the aisle in the cutest little tux, and he was just the most well behaved little boy. 

Now it was time for the brides! Amy and her Dad took a quick shot of gin, because why not? Then Amy walked down the aisle with both her Mom and Dad on her arms. Then Lauren did the same with her Mom and Step-Dad. Our moms are our best friends, and we knew from very early on in our wedding planning that we wanted them there with us, supporting us and leading us down the aisle as well. The solo cellist did a stunning version of “A Thousand Years” [yes, the twilight song] as we walked down the aisle. I think there were already tears from the crowd at this point.

 Yeah, our guests had no chance of leaving with dry eyes. We probably should’ve passed our tissues as favors. 

Anyway, we made it down the aisle and stood in front of that beautiful triangle arch, created by Lauren’s Step-Dad, and we were ready to commit to each other for life. 

Our officiant was Lauren’s life long friend, who got ordained just for us. We wanted the person who married us to know us. Know our love. And see the gravity of our feelings for each other. She gave a beautiful speech about our love and marriage, and then Lauren’s Step-Mom came up to read a gorgeous poem called, “The Art of Marriage.” We aren’t religious, so finding a reading that wasn’t overly spiritual was tough, but we found this, and it was perfect. 

Then it was time for us to read our vows, which we wrote for each other. 

Charlie, our pup, decided to come to stand right between us as we were saying our vows. He reminded us that this was his big day, too, and he deserved some spotlight as well. One of my favorite pictures from that day is Charlie standing between us, looking up at us, just being so proud of his Moms.

More tears. Again, our guests had no chance. We are damn good writers if we do say so ourselves, and our vows were SO us. A little sweet, a little funny, a bit sentimental, but perfectly us. 

We committed the rest of our lives to each other. Did the big KISS [okay a couple of kisses]. Then walked down the aisle to cheers and celebrating from 130 of our closest family and friends. 

After that, an open bar. Our guests mingled, did our introductions and cake cutting, and then sat down to have the most amazing wood-fired pizza. As mentioned before, we aren’t “country club” people, so the typical dry chicken and green beans just wouldn’t cut it. Gourmet wood-fired pizza made directly on-site, however, was better than we could’ve ever imagined. 

Next, our Dads, Amy’s sister, Lauren’s brother, and then our first dances, and the speeches from our Dads. It was surreal to have our first dance and wives finally. A dance that we had practiced many times before in our kitchen. 

Lauren lost her Father six years ago, so the Father-Daughter dance was a challenging subject for her. She would’ve given anything to dance with her father that day, as they had many times growing up, but since she couldn’t, she came up with the most beautiful alternative. As Celine Dion’s version of “Dance With My Father” played, Lauren danced first with her Step Dad. Then her older brother cut in for a dance, and when she finished the song dancing with her twin brother. While the first man in her life was there in spirit, the current, most important men in her life danced with her that night in such a beautiful display of love and support. Surprise, more tears!

By 8:30, the dance floor was opened to all, and it stayed full the entire night! Big props to our DJ for killing it all night with our wide range of music tastes. He made sure no one was sitting. The glow sticks that came out around 10:30 turned the dance floor into a rave, and we were infinite. We never wanted the night to end. 

Unfortunately, however, at midnight, with tired legs, full bellies from the late-night hot dog stand, and tons of great memories, our guest filed out, and the night came to an end [well until the after-party, obviously]. 

It was a day filled with love, support, and happy tears. It truly was the best day of our lives.

Photography by Meg Adamik

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