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Ana & Nakita – Overcoming Unsupportive Family for Love

Ana & Nakita – Overcoming Unsupportive Family for Love

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While they’ve had to overcome the loss of some family and friends in coming out and being together, these two humans have always kept in focus what is most important, their love for one another.


Nakita took Ana to the top of Palmer Park (this is a spot in Colorado Springs that has hiking, camping, and picnic areas) to a scenic outlook. She pointed out all the points around town that were important to us both. This includes where we met, where we work and live, where we take the dogs to the park. Nakita was showing Ana the little world we created for ourselves. She then got down on one knee and proposed to Ana. Ana had no idea what was going on and had to take a minute to process. At one point, she asked, “Are you serious?” Ana had been hinting at a proposal for at least a year, so she was so shocked it finally happened. Of course, she said yes, Nakita had sparkling cider and snacks for celebration, and we had an engagement picnic.

We were engaged for over two years! We were financing our wedding ourselves and had also decided to purchase a house right before we got married. Looking back, we are glad we gave ourselves the time to save money, especially during 2020.


Wedding planning was very stressful as it was a task more extensive than either of us expected it to be. Leading up to the wedding, we cried nearly every day. 

The anxiety over family behaving appropriately and the worry that some would end up bailing. We said many times to one another that we should have eloped and skipped the big wedding. While we are happy with our day and loved it, we also would have loved eloping somewhere exotic and secluded.

We wanted an Autumn wedding and went through half a dozen color palettes before deciding and landed on Mauve, Marsala, and Olive. We knew these colors would blend well together, and the colors would look good on our bridal party. With these being paired with the mountains, crisp air, and reception hall, it was amazing!

Finding outfits was an endeavor. With 2020 and the pandemic, we weren’t sure if we would be able to have our wedding this year, which caused us to put off a lot of wedding planning. That included outfits (not a smart move). Ana’s dress was lost in the mail coming from Sydney, causing her to have to pay rush fees with a seamstress. And, we didn’t get her dress until two days before the wedding!

Nakita’s suit maker was terrific and gave her exactly what she wanted. Her suit wasn’t done until close to the wedding either. So we both had to trust our designers to come through for us.


The day was perfect! Both of us were really nervous, more so nervous not to be too emotional or trip and fall. Of course, we did both of those things (at least Ana did). We both cried through the entire ceremony, which was so beautiful.

We were standing, holding hands, and telling each other how much love we have for one another. In our vows, we had hidden jokes and references that only we knew. It was the first time we had shown our love to many of the guests who attended. This was a big moment in solidifying our love and clarifying who we are to one another.

Once the ceremony was over, we were able to compose ourselves and take photos with our friends and family.

The reception was incredible. Our catering staff and our dessert vendors really came through. We also chose to have a late-night mashed potato bar. Ana wanted a dozen toppings for the mashed potato bar, and she got it. Everyone oohed and ahhed over the venue and loved the food. 

When the reception ended, we went out with our bridal party (well, those who could still walk) to a strip club! In our wedding attire, and had a blast. 

We ended the night snuggling in bed, and we had our three pups by our side. It was a long, emotional, and fantastic day. We wouldn’t have asked for anything else.


N: Knowing you have your person for life and getting to enjoy the adventure of life next to your best friend. And to be there for one another when the skies are grey. To truly cherish every single moment you share and crave that time when you’re apart.

A: Marriage is the best thing in the entire world. I have never felt so secure and safe as I do now. Marriage is spending every single day with your best friend and still thinking it isn’t enough. It is knowing that someone loves you so much, they told the entire world about it. It’s every feeling of love and happiness rolled into one person. Marriage is so much better than I ever imagined it could be.


Keep focusing on what is important. It is so easy to get caught up in details that you will not care about the day of your wedding. Remember the day is about you two and your love. Everything else is secondary.

Photography by Honey Do Photography

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