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Andrea & Cassie

Andrea & Cassie

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How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

A: We’ve been together for over seven years now. We’ve known each other since high school but only connected after we both left. I was in the year above, and apparently, Cassie had a little crush on me in high school. She got all excited one time when I smiled at her in the canteen line! 

After school, we stayed connected through Facebook. We talked for a bit, but I was oblivious to her interest in me for a long time. I thought she was very cute and way out of my league, and I wasn’t even sure if she was actually into girls. She and her friendship group were way too cool and intimidating. 

Once we did start seeing each other though, that was pretty much it. We were with each other almost every day. After a few months, we were like, “ok, we’re a couple, aren’t we? When did we make it official?” and we backdated it to the first night we went to a friend’s birthday party together.

Tell us about the planning process for the proposal.

C: We definitely discussed getting married. It started quite early on. We both wanted to be open and honest about how we felt and how we imagined our lives and futures. 

A: I am horrible at organizing things, and I knew that if I arranged a date or holiday, she would know right away. Likewise, if things didn’t go according to plan, I knew I would become way too anxious. So I planned to have no plan and make Cassie think she was making the decisions.

Tell us about the engagement ring!

A: We had talked about engagement for a while. Eventually, I started looking at rings for Cassie on my own. It was so hard, though, because Cassie kept changing her mind on the cuts she likes, and her Pinterest was full of different yet similar rings. Her friends didn’t even know! 

She knew pretty quickly what I was up to anyway, so we decided to look for rings together. 

We both wanted ethical rings, and we have loved Windfall Jewellery for a long time, so that part was easy. We decided to design our own rings and went through that process together, but we both knew that I would be the one to propose. As a little girl, I had never imagined my wedding or being proposed to, but Cassie did. 

I held on to both our rings for six months before I proposed.

Tell us about the proposal.

A: We were spending the night in a nice hotel in the city for her birthday, so I told her we could spend the next day in the city and maybe have a picnic somewhere nice. I knew she wanted to watch the sunrise, so I thought about taking her to a lighthouse, but I also left it open because I knew she might change her mind on the day. Just wanting Cassie to have the best weekend, and I knew I’d find the right moment to propose. 

I called ahead and asked the hotel for an upgrade for a room with a view of the water, and good thing I did because, just like I thought, Cassie changed her mind and wanted to watch the sunrise from our room. 

We then spent the day wandering the harbor and sipping cocktails before making our way to Wendy’s secret garden in Lavender Bay. We walked through the garden and had a cute little picnic, and then when Cassie wanted to take a photo of me under an elephant (taro) plant, I knew that was the moment! 

I showed her the ring and she was crying and kissing me before I even had the chance to ask the question. 

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed?

A: Our engagement has been a celebration of our love over the years, and our commitment to one another for the rest of our lives. If we’re going to get married, we’re going to do it right. That means making sure we’re on the same page, making sure we support each other, communicating, and working together towards our goals. 

It feels like we’ve committed to work with each other and work on ourselves FOR each other.

How is wedding planning going? 

A: We’re not fussed about wedding planning yet. Both wanting to get married in one of our favorite places, Palm Springs, so we will take our time to save and for me to graduate. 

And, we would like to have our closest family and friends there, but are also happy just to elope! 

We know that we want it to be the best celebration, and it definitely won’t just be a one-day thing. We’re talking a relaxing holiday for everyone leading up, and then a BIG PARTYYYY.

C: Well, considering I have worked on over 100 weddings as a florist, we know a lot about what to expect with pricing, how vendors work, etc. I have also made friends with other outstanding wedding suppliers, so we will probably choose that way. We definitely want people who are like-minded and already create things we LOVE, so we know we can fully trust them. 

I find inspiration from past weddings, from flowers, color palettes, and ultimately from what we really love and what we enjoy. We want a feeling for the day rather than a ‘theme’ or an ‘aesthetic.’

Photography by The Mood Lab

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