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Angelina & Emily – An Indoor Woodland Wedding

Angelina & Emily – An Indoor Woodland Wedding

Woodland Indoor Wedding - New York - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her

Their nine-year age gap isn’t anything that ever got in the way of Angelina and Emily’s love. In fact, they’d both consider it love at first sight. Their rustic meets woodland indoor wedding was everything they had anticipated. And, although Emily’s family weren’t there to celebrate, they were surrounded by chosen family and love.

You had a destination proposal. Where did you go? 

E:  I took Angelina to Paris! I tried to wait for the perfect moment but was so nervous that I took her down an alleyway and got on one knee. It was the greatest moment of our relationship, until the actual day of our wedding. 

The engagement was one and a half years long. We had to plan our wedding from across the country from the venue. It was a wild process but turned out to be the perfect day.

The lead up to the wedding was a little stressful. Why?

A & E: We decided to get two puppies at once in the same year and a half that we spent engaged. Also, living in California and getting married in upstate New York was quite an adventure. Honestly, so many little things happened, even causing us to argue at times, but we always came out of the arguments stronger. 

When we weren’t house training our puppies, we were looking at flower arrangements. Since food and hospitality are so important to us, the details had to perfect! No pressure. 

Emily, your family weren’t there on the wedding day. How was that?

E: I may not have had my family there (except for my sister Vanessa), but I had an army of support, and we were surrounded by love. 

I had aunts and cousins, and many friends who are my chosen family. 

Do not let hate get in the way of who you are. Be brave! Love is out there for everyone! 

God created everyone, and God doesn’t judge his/her creations. I not only got to marry Angelina, but I also married into her large supporting family. 

Do you have any advice for other couples planning a wedding? 

A: We should legit write a book!

I would say the advice would be different for every couple, but remember the most important thing is each other and the people who support you. So make it about that. You just want to have a fantastic time, and you want everyone else to as well. 

Don’t make your engagement too long because it will be all you think about for that entire time, but also take your time planning. 

Also, flowers are important, and people will remember them. 

What does marriage mean to you?

A & E: Marriage means complete devotion and support. It means patience and equality in everything. It means to listen, and it means to love one another for our strengths and weaknesses. It’s two full people becoming one unit.

Photographer Forever Photography

Cake Lulu Cake Boutique
Catering Crabtree’s Kittle House
Cinematographer Steve Cruz
Ceremony & Reception Venue Crabtree’s Kittle House
Decorative Elements Smoke Effect
Engagement Rings Karkazian Jewelers
Entertainment Sound Active Events
Florist Event Design Studio
Gown Designer Morilee
H&MU Styles By Marcella
Shoes Louis Vuitton
Stationery August + White
Suit Designer Bindle & Keep
Wedding Favors Queer Candle Co

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