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Angie & Niki – Finding Love With a Woman After a Long Term Marriage With a Man

Angie & Niki – Finding Love With a Woman After a Long Term Marriage With a Man

Lesbian love later in life wedding in Ohio USA captured by Jenn Ferrick Photography

Angie had been married to a man for 20 years, and I had been married to a man for 16 years. As our marriages started to fall apart, we reconnected and helped each other through it. We slowly began to fall in love after that.

Tell us about the proposal.

Niki– I am the worst. I found out she was hiding it in the house and wanted to tease her. So I started “looking for it” while she joked I would never find it. Then my hand touched the box, and I pulled it out. There was a lot of laughing and giggles, then Angie asked me to be her wife. 

I always ruin surprises!

What was the inspiration behind the theme of your wedding?

We had both been married before. However, I never had a wedding, and Angie had a wedding that she felt she had no say in. 

Angie is a musician, and we both love music, so we wanted to give the nod to that. Our guest book was a record, and part of our favors was a custom guitar pick. 

We have a favorite show together called Firefly. There are little easter eggs everywhere, like the dinosaurs on our table and the drink umbrellas. My cape veil was the start of the flowers. I had saved and dried every flower she had given to me, and I wanted them to be incorporated. So many were used in the confetti our guests threw. I had the first flowers she gave me in my hairpiece and a dried peony from a plant my grandmother gave me. I loved the idea of it being fall, but we still had the beauty of flowers.  

Did you undertake any DIY projects for the big day? If yes, what were they?

We did everything ourselves! Angie spent a lot of time on the lighting. She had everything measured to perfection, and the overhead light almost floated in the air. She also built our photo booth, set up our livestream, and created all of our signs. 

I dried all the flowers myself. Some were air-dried, and some were dried in silica. 

The table’s centerpieces were apothecary jars I found on Facebook Marketplace with assorted dried flowers and candles.  

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

Angie had always been a tomboy. 

As a child, she felt forced to wear dresses all the time. So when we looked for her outfit, she wanted to feel comfortable and have a cool look. 

We looked through many inspiration pictures online, then happened upon her vest on Amazon. It had a bit of the Firefly vibe (Fave Show), and she felt great in it! 

I started with a piece of floral fabric that eventually became my cape. I wanted something that felt ethereal, so I opted for a cape over a veil. 

Angie found a tie, and we found shoes that almost perfectly matched the cape!

Talk to us about the wedding day! 

Our day started with coffee and a letter to each of us from my oldest daughter. She expressed her love and excitement for us, which was incredibly touching. Then, my sister Sara and I headed off to get our hair and makeup done, and Angie and Luna went to do the final touches at the venue. There are two buildings on the venue about 100 yards apart. I got ready in one, and Angie got ready in the other. It was surreal to see people arrive and hear the music lightly playing as I got dressed. Finally, our photographer arrived, and Angie and I opened our gifts to each other. 

She gave me a music box playing the Harry Potter theme, and I gave her Angie a cassette mixtape and walkman with our favorite songs. Then it was time for the first look! Angie had her back to me, and I was supposed to walk up and turn my back to her. But I walked up and wrapped my arms around her. I waited all day to hug her, so I broke the rules. When I finally turned my back, we had a count down, then I turned and got that first look. 

It was incredible! Angie and I each have three kids, so our total is 6! 

We wanted to give them a first look too! So we went back inside, and the kids came and arranged themselves with their backs turned. Watching their excitement when they turned around was so emotional. 

It was an amazing moment. 

We had time for some fun and funny pics with our wedding party, then Angie headed down to start lining up for the ceremony. I heard our music start and everything in the world felt right. Angie was walked down by her son in an emotional moment. Then I turned the corner with my Dad. The lighting and Angie standing there waiting for me. I will never forget that magical moment. 

Our ceremony was full of moments that were very “Us.” We kept elements of fun but also included some tradition. When we started writing our vows, the sky opened up and started pouring rain. Because we were covered, it made it quite magical. When we turned around as Mrs. and Mrs., our guest threw dried flower petals in the air and we walked back up that aisle! 

The rest of the night flew by. We had toasts by our Maid of Honors and our first dance. We were surprised on the dance floor by how ready to dance our guests were.

What are your favorite moments?

Niki– The moment I turned to walk down the aisle. The lighting was ethereal, and she was ready to take me forever there. Also, our first dance was to ‘Adore’ by Amy Shark, and that was my favorite moment.  

Angie– I wake up that day and know that I finally get to marry my soulmate. During the wedding, it was definitely seeing her walking down the aisle with her looking at me. I just wanted to burn every second into my memory.

What does marriage mean to you?

Niki– For me, being married means entirely investing in someone like you never have before. Trusting them fully with your heart. Because we discovered ourselves later in life, it meant finally sharing my true self with someone. No mask to cover yourself up. It has been a genuinely vulnerable experience, and it is beautiful.  

Angie– I love being married! 

I love sharing my life and learning and growing with my person. Marriage means being open and honest with my wife and being willing to continue to grow and hold each other in all the things life brings.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Angie and I both discovered we were gay late in life. It can be pretty dark, the process of coming out when you’re married and have kids. But living authentically is priceless. You CAN come out and find the person meant for you. Timing is everything!

Photography by Jenn Ferrick Photography

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