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Finding Love With a Woman Later in Life

Finding Love With a Woman Later in Life

A Queer Wedding in Cincinnati by Victoria Rose Photography

After relationships with men, and with college-aged children, Anisea and LaTeesha felt drawn, and safe with one another. They planned their Cincinnati wedding in six months. 

What drew you to LaTeesha, and how did it feel, considering you’d not been with women in the past?

To be totally honest, although I’d never been in a same-sex relationship, I’d always considered myself sexually fluid. Meeting LaTeesha (Teesha) was surreal. I’d never been so drawn to a person before. I felt like I was being pulled to her. 

She was sitting in my spot at my local happy hour spot with her sister. I jokingly went up to them and asked them to move. Teesha being who she is, moved over a spot and I plopped down in between them. 

I quickly realized the feeling I was having. I was drawn to her because I felt “safe”. It was strange! But exactly what I didn’t know I needed at the time.

What have been some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome in your relationship?

We had conversations in the first weeks about children. I was 47 with two kids in college. I didn’t want to start over. She was 41 and had been through fertility treatments previously, and was still hopeful about having a baby. 

I hated having to have her make that choice. 

Since the first day, I’ve wanted nothing but for her to be happy. I didn’t want to be the person that stood in the way of her dreams. But that dream would never be mine. 

After many discussions and tears, she decided that she would be ok. 

That WE would be enough.

Tell us about your favorite moment from the wedding day.

I wanted us to write our own vows. Teesha kept saying how she wasn’t going to be any good at it and didn’t know what to say, so on and so on. But she was wrong. Standing there at that altar looking at her and listening, I had that feeling again. I felt safe. Every word was perfect.

Photography by Victoria Rose Photography

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