We have been together for roughly six-year. We met at work, being friends for a few years before we fell in love. 

We both love to travel, try new things, and always find time to eat nice food. We are also foster carers, currently of two children, and parents of two cats and a dog. We both enjoy what we do for work, but would ultimately love to find a way to work half the year and travel the rest of the time!

When we got engaged, it wasn’t legal in Australia to get married, so we were trying to figure out how to enjoy our day with everyone that we want there, but also be legally married. 

We were thinking about New Zealand, it’s beautiful and close, and we wanted to be somewhere that celebrated love, not hate. We decided that we wanted to stay in Melbourne, and then we’d make it legal on our honeymoon. As it turned out, the vote went through, and we were legally married in our own city. 

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

Our best friend went shopping with us separately so we were pretty confident that we wouldn’t choose the same dress. Nicole went to quite a few wedding venues to find the dress for her. Whereas Anita knew what she wanted, and just hoped that it would be perfect once she tried it on, and it was. 

What was the inspiration behind the theme of your wedding?

We were looking for something industrial, with a relaxed feel about it when it came to the venue. Not the traditional wedding venue that we’d both been to before. As soon as we found the Craft & Co, we knew it had to be there. The staff were fantastic and so excited to have their first same-sex wedding after the marriage equality vote. Friends of ours had been there for dinner, so we knew the food was going to be amazing, and they make their own wine, beer, gin, salami, and cheese, so what’s not to love! 

The theme was life. We had beautiful plants throughout the venue, we made 100+ kokedamas for the guest’s Bomboniere, which were spread out across the large share tables, and we were married in front of a gorgeous arrangement of flowers and plants. 

Talk to us about the big day! We want all the details 

We woke up together in a funky apartment in Collingwood that we had hired for a few days, excited as ever. 

Our closest friends (including my sister) came over, and we got our hair and makeup done together. Then Nicole went upstairs to continue getting ready while I put my dress on downstairs. Our photographer Jess and videographer Ben blended in with our friends and took the most amazing shots throughout the day. 

Then, with me facing the opposite way, Nicole was guided down the stairs and placed with her back to me. We grabbed hands from behind, and in front of our friends, we had the first reveal. It was magical. 

After that, we went to the botanical gardens, followed by a few funky graffitied streets for some photos with our besties and sparkling in hand.

Before we knew it, it was time to get married !!! We arrived at the Craft & Co in the back entrance, and when we were ready, our musicians started playing “I get to love you” by Ruelle, and my parents walked me down the aisle, followed by Nicole and her parents. There were tears and laughter and so much love in the room. We read our vows and were married by my Mother, who is a celebrant. It was perfect!

Later, Nicole and I snuck backstage and got changed for a choreographed first dance to “A good night” by John Legend.

Nicole and I choose only to do what we both wanted, so we didn’t have a bridal party or cake, or invite anyone because we should. And as a result, the day was perfect, all of our friends and family had a great time, and it was a lot of fun. 

DWH Recommended Vendor
Gown Boutique Karen Willis Holmes


Photographer Jessica Rose Photography

Cinematographer Wildbird Films
Catering The Craft & Co
Ceremony & Reception Venue The Craft & Co
Celebrant Sue Macartney
Entertainment Mish Music
Engagement & Wedding Rings Melbourne Jewellery Service
Florist Leaf & Bear
Gown Boutique One Day Bridal, Karen Willis Holmes
Photo Booth Undisposableaus
Pants Hilo