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Anna & Mel

Anna & Mel

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Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do for work and fun?

A: Mel is 31 years old and six years older than me. We enjoy camping and day hikes when we get the opportunity. We usually go back to the Grampians but have also ventured out to Wilson’s Promontory and the Cathedral Ranges. We also really enjoy checking out new cafes, especially now that we have moved into our new house. 

M: Yeah, lately, we have been nesting quite a bit. We are grandmas, but I love that about us. 

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

M: We have been together for about five years now. We met through Tinder, and our first date was at a place called Mango Bar in Melbourne’s inner city in October 2014.

A: I remember driving down the road, trying to find a park, when I saw Mel walking into Mango Bar. I was caught off guard; she was so beautiful! I had to be careful because I got distracted while driving and nearly had a minor prang. I was so nervous.

M: I was nervous too, but as soon as I saw Anna in the doorway and our eyes met, I knew we had a connection. And that was it! The date went off without a hitch, and I remember she was really easy going. We had a few more dates, and things steadily got more serious. 

In March 2016, we moved in together and hadn’t looked back.

Tell us about the proposal.

M: We had talked about getting married for a long time. In the beginning, it was more about hypothetical discussions and feeling each other out about what we wanted from the relationship. We wanted the same things. We both wanted to get married and have children. Once we realized that, the discussion became more regular. And then it was like, ‘Oh, I’d love that or I’d hate that if someone was to propose that way.’ 

A: Yeah, it was probably when we moved in together we started talking about it. We always would joke when we brought it up. I’d tease Mel saying I wanted five children because I come from a big family, and Mel only wants two kids. 

I proposed to Mel when we were visiting her Mum, Lyn, in Far North Queensland. It was hard because I hadn’t had a chance to discuss it with Lyn, and while we were there, Mel was always around! 

The only time I got a chance to chat with her was when Mel ducked into a store for a couple of minutes. 

I just turned to Lyn, “I’m sorry to do this. This is the only time we will have alone. Can I have your blessing?” Lyn was so pumped she turned to me and said, “Yes, with bells on!!” 

I decided to do it when we were going on a walk and had decided to wing what I was going to say, but when it came down to the moment I got down on one knee, all I could manage to get out was, “you know I love you.”

M: It was adorable and very low key. We went out for breakfast with my Mum after to celebrate.

We were engaged for 18 months before getting married. Anna wanted it to be quicker, but it ended up being 18 months as I just started a new job. I think it ended up being the right amount of time so that we weren’t too rushed.

How was the lead up to the wedding?

A: I come from a European family, and we believe the success of a wedding or family function is measured by how full you are and how good the food is. To add to that, my family has a seafood wholesale business. 

We planned to have a seafood platter, entree, main, dessert, and then the wedding cake with tea and coffee. About two weeks out, my Mum, Rita, wanted to make sure we had enough food and was keen to have an antipasto platter and fruit on top of everything else. She did the same thing for my sister’s wedding; guests were full after the entree. 

It took me a little while to talk Mum around, but we compromised, and we added a fruit platter. 

Did you take on any DIY projects?

A: We had aspirations to DIY stuff, and Mel’s Mum was always volunteering to help, but in the end, we got too busy with work and trying to build our first house.

And how did finding your wedding dresses go down?

M: I had an idea of what I wanted, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t good at picking dresses that suited me. I was lucky; the lovely lady who helped me at the shop picked one out for me try, and it’s the one I ended up going with. I loved the dress straight away. Thanks, Thereza from Raffelle Ciciu!

A: It’s funny, we went to different shops and tried dresses separately but actually ended up getting our dresses from the same bridal shop, and later when we talked about our fittings we realized we had the same lady assist us. She was awesome. I tried quite a few dresses, and every time I’d show my Mum the next one, she’d always be like, “That is the one. 

That dress is beautiful. The last one was nice, but this one, it is the one.” It made it really hard for me to choose which one to go with! 

Tell us about your wedding day.

M: It was great! We were so lucky we had beautiful weather, and it was warm and sunny but not too hot. We were apprehensive about it being cold because it was the middle of winter in Melbourne. We didn’t end up needing the jackets we bought or the hand warmers we had just in case. 

I really enjoyed our first look; it was so lovely to have that special moment and spend some time together before the ceremony.

A: Yeah, I agree! It was a bit stressful getting ready. I had time pressure because I had the three bridesmaids, two flower girls, and a page boy as well as Mum to get ready. I couldn’t wait to see Mel. I got to see the love of my life in her beautiful dress. She looked amazing. It’s a bit cliche to say, but it was touching to have my nieces and our bridesmaids there to witness such a special moment. 

A & M: We both have immediate family members who aren’t with us anymore. Anna’s family tradition is to light a candle as part of the ceremony to symbolize their spirit being with us on the special occasion.

It was nice to take a moment to include Mel’s Dad and my brother in the process. We also had framed pictures and a painting that we placed behind the bridal party table, so they were at the reception and got to be remembered in the festivities.

A: Once the ceremony was done, the day went so quickly. It was just such a happy and joyous day, with no major issues, and everything went off without a hitch.

A & M: We were so lucky with our vendors. We were really impressed by the florist, the flowers were amazing and made the reception beautiful. Our hairstylists and makeup artists were so easy to work with and able to meet what we wanted on the day. 

We can’t recommend our photographer and videographer enough! They were relaxed and easy-going. We felt comfortable and enjoyed every moment because it felt natural and not forced like we have seen happen at friends’ weddings.

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