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Anna & Sina – A Slow Love on Italy’s Shoreline

Anna & Sina – A Slow Love on Italy’s Shoreline

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We spent almost a whole day together between Rome’s southern part and the closest beach and shore. Sina and Anna have been lucky to travel from Germany to discover the Eternal City for a few days. While sitting on the grass eating a gelato, they told me about how their new love story started, just not even a year prior.

Anna had just recently separated after a ten-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to feel free and live her life like she always wanted to. On her side, Sina wasn’t looking for anything at all either. She also wanted to adventure and live her life after getting her master’s degree two weeks before.

That’s how they both enrolled to work on a cruise ship. This is where they met. Just after a few days, even though neither of them has had same-sex relationships. Something was blossoming between them, and they both could feel it. Before leaving the ship because of COVID in March 2020, they took a photo together. From that picture, they started missing each other while going home. (They live in different cities, five hours apart).

They started texting, for hours and nights longโ€ฆ that’s how only a few days later, Sina took a plane and went to visit Anna. They spent a few days together. “Slowly we fell in love with each other, and the first kiss with her was the most beautiful I’ve ever had.” – Anna said.

From that date in April 2020, they tried to make the most out of every day they get to spend together. When they came to Rome for a few days of vacation, we went to the beach. Which was an obvious choice, being they are absolutely obsessed with the sea and ocean. We remained on the dunes while a few people were enjoying the end of their day at the beach, and it is almost sunset time.

I remembered the dunes, but I have never seen the shore so lovely and like swimming in gold. There, in between windblown ribbons and pampas grass, Sina and Anna promised each other the sweetest things. They made me emotional, too, even though I did not understand any of their German words. They later transcripted and translated it for me. Clearly, they are made for each other. It was so easy to see the pureness of their love while they were walking barefoot in the sand, shivering a bit because of the light breeze blowing. We stayed until the last ray of sunlight hit the horizon, just enjoying the first real spring weather.

In her latest email, reminding me of how their story started, Anna wrote: “It’s amazing how a person who was once a stranger with just a smile can suddenly mean the world to you. One person, one moment, one contact can change your life forever.” One year has passed since their story started, and I just wish them hundreds of more happy years together.

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