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Coming Out After a Long-Term Relationship with a Man

Coming Out After a Long-Term Relationship with a Man

Gay love story celebrated in Joshua Tree California captured by Charlyn Dahilig

Morgan and Annie’s love began like a game of telephone. Meeting one another through their friend/photographer, Charlyn, they began their slow and steady love.

Hanging out with one another on a sailboat where Annie was the captain and Charlyn was to be the social media manager. It was as if they were sending their unheard feelings out to the sea…letting it manifest.

Charlyn knew all too well what was unfolding before her and before words were even exchanged– it was in the exchanged glances with eyes that said, “I know.”

Annie’s father passed away not too long before and Charlyn had lost her father as well. It was what brought them close. Sailing was something that was shared between Annie and her father and Charlyn shared the ocean with her dad as well. It was cathartic and that summer out on the ocean was their own sort of baptism to a life that was being laid before them.

Finally, with encouragement from Charlyn, Annie and Morgan exchanged their true feelings for one another.

The Virginia sunsets over the ocean became theirs.

Years have passed and their love has only grown for one another. For Morgan and Charlyn’s birthday, they spent a getaway in Joshua Tree where the California moonrise became all three of theirs.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

At the beginning of our relationship, I had to come out to everyone in my life and leave my long-term relationship with my ex. At the same time, Annie was grieving the recent loss of her father. So we had to learn how to communicate with each other through all of that in ways we had never had to with anyone before. 

Tell us your favorite thing about one another. 

M: My favorite thing about Annie is how much of herself she gives to the people and things she cares about. Watching her do the things she’s passionate about is attractive and inspiring to me daily.

A: I love that she makes me feel supported in everything that I do and manages to make me laugh when I don’t think I could.

Photography by Charlyn Dahilig

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