Bec and April grew up living half an hour away from each other in Australia, but funnily enough, that is not where their story starts.

It wasn’t until they were both living and working in London on a two-year visa that a mutual friend led the two to one another. April had messaged Bec a few times to see if she wanted to have drinks with some friends, however, their schedules never aligned. That was until the beginning of summer – the day of London Pride!

At first, it was just a friendship, but after a few months that developed into something more. Their first kiss was not romantic. In fact, it was on the dance floor of a gay bar. It was the result of two straight guys hitting on them, so naturally, they pretended to be together.

On a date to Greenwich, April finally asked Bec to be her girlfriend – that’s when the story really starts.

They continued to live in London until their visas expired in 2016 [coincidently two weeks apart], before embarking on a four-month journey back to Australia.

Two years later, the lovers found themselves returning to Europe for a wedding, which they decided to spread into another five months traveling. The day before they set off to Croatia, April secretly packed an overnight bag and sprung a surprise night in Greenwich on Bec.

Feeling more nervous than she ever had before, April took Bec to the very spot she had asked her to be her girlfriend years earlier; and asked her to be her wife.

After the inital shock, and a lot of tears, Bec said yes.

April had booked a night at an apartment with a big bathtub. The apartment was on the same street that their friends used to live on, the same street where they spent most of their time getting to know each other. It is now the street that they also spent their first night as an engaged couple.

While they haven’t really started planning their wedding, they are almost sure that it will be in England – it is where their love story began.

Photography by Candice Campbell