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Arianna & Kim – A Christmas Morning Proposal

Arianna & Kim – A Christmas Morning Proposal

Catching Arianna of-guard, Kim planned a proposal video with all their family and friends that she showed her lover of Christmas morning.

How did you two lovers meet?

K: We have been together for three and a half years and met in Dublin, Ireland, when we were both getting our Master’s degrees. I met Arianna through my best friend, and we hit it off pretty immediately. We were friends for a month or so until we took a group trip to Budapest when we finally decided to be a couple.

Tell us about your proposal.

K: I had always played up the expectation that Arianna was going to propose, but I knew I actually wanted to do it. I use project management skills so much for work, and I finally wanted to use it for something meaningful in my life. 

I started by asking all of her friends and family for short video clips sharing their favorite memories with her/what they loved most about her. And, a second video of congratulations for our engagement. Then, I pieced them all together, making an hour-long video of sweetness and love. 

On Christmas morning, Arianna opened a box. Inside was a slip of paper that said she had one final gift, and that it was to serve as a reminder for how and why she is so loved. I then played the video on the TV in front of our family. I was shaking. She kept trying to hold my hand, but the first half of the video was just her friends telling her how much they loved her. She had no idea it was an engagement. I knew if she felt me trembling, she’d be able to tell it was more than a sweet Christmas gift..

Halfway through the video, I made a montage of photos from our years together and pulled a ring out of my holiday pyjama hat (matching Christmas PJs of course.) She had NO idea what was coming. We both cried and I honestly don’t even remember what I said because I was so emotional and terrified. She was sobbing, I was sobbing and we just held each other as she said yes through the tears. Then we watched the last 30 minutes of our friends from all over the world congratulating us.

A Christmas I’ll never forget. 

And, tell us about that ring!

K: I purchased a tungsten ring for durability. I knew she would want a simple band because she isn’t showy like I am. And, I was able to get her ring size because she is the same size as I am. I bought it from Brilliant Earth, because they use sustainably sourced materials.

A: I bought Kim’s ring from Kobelli. The ring is lab made, which is also more ethical and sustainable. She fell in love with the ring at first sight!

You’ve now found yourself planning a wedding during a global pandemic, how is that experience?

A: Kim manages events for a living, and at first, she had a very elaborate beach wedding planned for Belize. But as we talked, we realized we’d rather invest that money in a home for ourselves. 

We were going to elope in Mexico, April 2020, but then the pandemic hit. So, we had to change our plans. We’re not really sure how the wedding will go or where it’ll be, but right now we’re just focused on being there for each other during this time. That’s all that really matters to me now anyway. 

Kim’s Mom is terminally ill, so my priorities for the wedding have really changed. We want the wedding to be easy and safe for her to attend. 

We are thinking of something either on a beach in a tropical location. Or maybe in a domestic venue – a Christmas wedding in 2021.

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