Three years ago Asha and Jess met while living in two different states. They’d both tried and failed with long distance relationships in the past however this time was different. After a few months of dating, flying back and forth, late night phone calls and meeting one another nearest and dearest, love prevailed.

For Jess, she knew very early on that Asha brought something into her life that she had been missing. After their one-year anniversary together, Jess started to plan a proposal to Asha. Nervous at even the thought, and having no idea where to start, she enlisted the help of some very good friends to pull off an elaborate surprise.

On a warm night in October last year, Jess swept Asha up to their private hotel rooftop in Brisbane. Ready to propose to the love of her life.

Earlier in the day Jess and her friends had decorated with flowers, candles and balloons. A friend, Steven, sat ready to play acoustic guitar and another friend, Troy was armed with his camera.

Walking out onto the rooftop, sunsetting and ‘Magic’ by Coldplay being sung, Asha knew instantly what was going on – Jess’ cue to start crying. She read her favourite passage from Bob Marley – “In their presence, there’s no need for continuous conversation, but you find you’re quite content with just having them nearby”.

Asha said, yes.

Asha and Jess had planned to wed on New Years Eve 2017/2018. They got excited and carried away. Then plans changed. In the current political climate, they didn’t feel that it was right. They have made a mutual decision to hold off until the Australian Government will recognise their love and their right to marry as equal.

Photography Troy Freyee (Brisbane)