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Ashley & Mel – Long-Distance Love and Pandemic Challenges

Ashley & Mel – Long-Distance Love and Pandemic Challenges

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Ashley and Mel met on Bumble. Ashley introduced her dog to Mel, Mel her son to Ashley, and their love blossomed.

Tell us about how you met.

We met on an online dating app called Bumble. Ashley made the first move by messaging Mel, and we immediately connected and spoke every day until we were able to go on our first date. We lived in different cities, but Mel drove an hour and a half to see Ashley, and it was WELL worth it. We ended up spending the entire weekend together.

What’s a memory together that you’ll always treasure.

We rented an Airbnb in Victoria together and had a really romantic weekend away. Cooking and just spending time together getting to know each other. We recently got married, and in the process of working with our wedding officiant, she asked us individually what our favorite memory was, and we both referred to this weekend. It was just such a relaxing, quiet weekend together so early in our relationship. We were walking to get groceries, holding hands in public, the cute “new relationship” feelings. 

How did COVID-19 challenge your relationship?

When our city went into lockdown, Ashley’s job closed down, and our son’s preschool closed. Melissa is a self-employed personal trainer who does online coaching. All three of us were home 24/7 during the lockdown. And it’s safe to say we were all getting a little cabin fever. 

Between the financial difficulties, canceling the wedding we had been planning, and keeping a four year old entertained when we weren’t supposed to go outside, was definitely tricky on our relationship. But, we made it through it, and ended up finding a new home, planned an entirely new wedding at a new venue, which worked out to be more beautiful than we could have imagined, and our careers are now flourishing again. 

Okay, let’s get romantic. What are your favorite things about one another?

Ash is so beautiful, inside and out. She makes me laugh more than I ever have before and cares about me with her entire being. She is patient with me, as I tend to be pretty stubborn. The love she shows me is something I could never have imagined or felt. I feel so lucky every day that we found one another. 

Mel is so thoughtful and creative. She comes up with unique ideas, from cooking me an exceptional candlelit dinner, to planning a trip or mini getaway, to putting rose petals in the bathtub for me. Mel makes an effort to show me she loves me in so many ways. She works hard for us, and I’m so proud of her success. 

You managed to change wedding plans, despite a pandemic, tell us that experience.

We got married on October 30, 2020, after having to cancel our original wedding date in August 2020 due to covid restrictions. It ended up being the most magical, fairytale wedding we could have hoped for given the circumstances and restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

We had to follow strict rules, but we still managed to have forty-five of our closest family and friends attend to witness us become legally married, and the day went off without a hitch. 

We had to cancel our honeymoon to Mexico but stayed local and enjoyed a week away in Whistler, B.C. Enjoying a lot of champagne in our hot tub with a view of the mountains. 

Now, we are home with our four-year-old son. Looking forward to spending the holidays together, and are looking forward to growing our family in the near future.

Photography by Chelsea Warren Photography

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