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Barbara & Vera

Barbara & Vera

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The proposal was nerve-wracking for Vera. She’d planned a trip to Seville, Spain, and walked around with the engagement ring in her pocket for the entire day. They went sightseeing through the city, and while she had planned to pop the question while out and about, Vera was so overwhelmed with nerves that she waited until they had made it back to the hotel room later that night. Barbara cried a lot.

Their engagement was for eight months.

They both knew that a beautiful garden wedding would be perfect for them – something simple, rustic, and outdoors. Vera’s mother’s house holds a special place in Barbara and Ver’s relationship, and neither of them could imagine a better place to start a new chapter together as married.

Although they found dresses at the same store, they were kept secret until the wedding day. A day that would be everything they had hoped it would be.

Friends and family came together from; Barbara’s flying into Portugal from Brazil. Everyone got ready together, and they shared a traditional Brazilian lunch before the festivities began.

There were a lot of tears, tears of joy. It was overwhelming for both the brides to see the people they love most, from two very different cultures, come together and celebrate their love.

Vera even surprised Barbara with a Brazilian band after the ceremony to play her favorite Brazilian music!

Marriage to Barbara and Vera means always having someone there for them. Even if the day is awful and everything is going wrong. It is having someone who will always try to make you feel better. Someone that you can trust with your heart at peace. It is your best friend, your lover.

Having your whole family come together, getting emotional at your wedding, happy for you, and never judging that we a marrying another woman was overwhelming. It was amazing. Even my sister, who has always had some problems since I came out years ago, was pretty supportive. My wife’s family is simply the most fantastic family that took me in, and we get along very well. In the middle of my deep depression, it was essential for me to have family close since I live so far away from home. It is lovely to know that I have one here in Portugal and another back home in Brazil.


Photography by JJMT Photography

Bridal Boutique Loja Pomba Branca
Catering Estoril House
Cinematography REC Audiovisual
Entertainment Sergio Motta
Hair Piece Loja Pomba Branca

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