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Beatrice & Illaria – Love in Italy

Beatrice & Illaria – Love in Italy

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Words by Photographer, Lorenza Tessari Photography

I had planned a trip to Italy last winter, and I thought of doing a styled shoot while I was there. So, I enlisted the help of a wedding planner, Federica Cosentino, to celebrate an LGBTQ+ couple in the shoot.

With their help, my dream came to life.

At the moment in Italy, there isn’t marriage equality but only civil unions for LGBTQ+ couples. So, I wanted to emphasize the importance of visibility in Italy for LGBTQ+ couples. Ilaria and Beatrice are a real couple living near Milan, and they were so lovely to agree on being our models.

It was really important for me to have a real couple that was able to show what true and genuine love is. Especially for those living in Italy where LGBTQ+ rights are not always respected and not yet totally recognized.

They were so into each other for the entire shoot I think sometimes they totally forgot I was there to photograph them!

Photography by Lorenza Tessari Photography

Flower Designer Opificio Floreale
Location Agriturismo Alpe Margosio – Oasi Zegna
Lovers Beatrice & Ilaria
Planning & Styling Federica Cosentino Nature Wedding Planner 
Ribbons Federica Cosentino Nature Wedding Planner 
Wedding Dresses More Abiti

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