Words by Kara

We’ve been together for five and a half years. 

I can’t explain it, Bec was someone I felt I needed to get to know from the moment she arrived at my office, our careers are in totally different worlds however for a few years we were lucky enough to work together for the same organization, by sheer luck or fortune!! Bec often talks about things happening for a reason, and I think we were brought together from two different worlds to meet for a reason, neither looking for a relationship or love but we indeed found it. In the words of our favorite song, “she’s got this thing about her”

Bec proposed on 26th January 2018 while we were away camping on a beautiful afternoon. We were enjoying some quiet time, wine and cheese and the song’ perfect duet’ had just been playing when she got a bag from the car and told me she had a present for me. Inside was a gorgeous book filled with photos of us, quotes and song lyrics, at the end of the book there was a pocket with a note which read ‘Will you marry me?’ 

She had also [without my knowledge] designed and had made two beautiful antique style rings, mine with a purple sapphire and Bec’s with a dark blue sapphire. Through tears, I, of course, said yes and we realized that just across the other side of the bay was the most stunning sunset, we ran for it and caught the final second or two of it. 

We were engaged for exactly one year, and married in Melbourne, barefoot on the beach at The Sandbar Beach Cafe, Middle Park.

The day before the wedding we met our MC Haylie at the venue, while we were sitting there going through the following day’s events we were showered in ladybugs, we took this as a good sign for the day and our future together.

The water and the ocean is our happy place, so we knew we wanted this to be a big part of our day, and being relatively new to Melbourne a large portion of our guests were coming from interstate or overseas, therefore we also wanted to incorporate what we love about Melbourne, this led us to find the most perfect venue for us, a gorgeous little beachside cafe, the owner Michelle was fantastic and really open to our ideas, such as incorporating Espresso Martini’s and a Gelato cart into the day.

On the wedding day, we had the most stunning sunset you could imagine it really was the icing on the cake of what was the most memorable and magical day! 

We asked our siblings to walk us into the wedding, and instead of using a center aisle, we came in from either side to represent the coming together of our two families. Our nephews helped to give the rings, and Kara’s Dad and Bec’s Mum were our witnesses. We also asked Kara’s Mum to read out a short poem, Advice for Marriage, which Kara had found years earlier, and it had stuck with her.

Our ceremony was beautiful, by the water with all our friends and family. Being able to stand in front of everyone and let them all know how much I love this amazing woman was an experience I won’t forget. I stood back towards the end of the night, and in the words of one of our guests, it was just a truly ‘happy’ occasion. 

At 11:30 pm the venue was still buzzing, everyone was laughing, smiling, singing and dancing and that is something that makes me so happy and proud to have had everyone share, celebrate and enjoy our day so tremendously!

Our advice to other couples planning their wedding day is to do things your way, not because you are told to or feel that you should. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and the hype, and begin to organize chair covers and place settings that you just don’t need, but we made sure we only did things because they held meaning to us and because we wanted to! 

We searched for the reason behind a lot of traditions, and if they weren’t important to us, we left them out or did it our way. We got ready together and it made the day so much fun, we had our photos prior to the ceremony, as a way of relaxing beforehand but also so we didn’t have to leave the reception. We didn’t spend a lot on things that weren’t important to us, but we asked the venue to recreate things that we love, they made espresso martini’s for everyone to start the evening and I arranged a gelato cart for Bec and we got donuts in for me!

A wedding day goes by so fast, take time to step back during the day and soak it all in.

Photography Neil Hole Photography 

Cake Well Wishers Events 

Catering Sandbar Beach Cafe 

Celebrant Julia Handford 

Donuts Bistro Morgan 

Entertainment Trent Jansz 

Florals Anna Claire Floral 

Gelato Short Batch 

H&MU Michelle O’Connell Hair and Makeup 

Hire Magic Moments Event Hire

Jewelry Kaiserman Jewellers 

Outfits Myer