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Beth & Carly – A Castle Wedding in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Beth & Carly – A Castle Wedding in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Castle Wedding in England - Lesbian Wedding Inspiration - Dancing With Her

Beth and Carly’s love story is a beautiful example of how two people can find love despite differences. They married in Stratford-Upon-Avon, surrounded by their favorite people and a stunning castle.

Carly and Beth were born and raised on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Beth was raised by two parents in a large city in England while Carly was raised by a single mother in Zimbabwe. Beth finished school, went to university, and later became a Primary school teacher. And, Carly moved around from place to place due to the country’s economic crisis and ended up working in hospitality in South Africa.

Eventually, Carly arrived in the UK in 2014.

Both had just come out of long term relationships and neither was looking for another one any time soon. They were, however, both on Tinder, and this is how their 21st Century love story began.

The Love Story

In March 2017, Beth and Carly matched each other, and a week later they began messaging online. Beth was intrigued by the ginger African girl with the little dog, and Carly was attracted by Beth’s androgynous appearance and love for her twin nieces.

They hit it off… for one day.

Unfortunately, as many of us know too well, sometimes dating apps can have glitches, and you can lose your contacts. This happened just as Carly was replying to Beth with her phone number. Beth’s dating app went blank, and she was unable to contact the wonderful Carly. She was devastated and Carly thought that Beth had ghosted her!

Armed with only her name and the county in which she lived, Beth went on a mission to find Carly. Tirelessly, she searched through every single Carly on Facebook, and finally, two days later, she found her dream girl with the little dog on Facebook.

Beth messaged Carly straight away, explaining what had happened. Carly, a little confused, and a little wary, replied. Beth was ecstatic and every night for the following week, they were on FaceTime for three hours at a time, learning about each other’s childhoods and imitating each other’s accents.

The next week, they met and went their first date.

They quickly realized that their chemistry by text and FaceTime was even more so in person, and they had a wonderful first date.

As the evening grew nearer, they took Carly’s little dog, Benson, for a walk. The pair sat on a bench and knew that they had both found the person they wanted to spend their lives with. Growing impatient and being the sassy African girl she was, Carly looked at a very nervous Beth and said, ‘Just kiss me!’ and Beth hasn’t needed telling since!

The Engagement

After three months, the pair moved in together and after a year they were engaged. There was no grand proposal, they themselves knew, and Beth’s Mom knew that this was meant to be. Beth’s Mom said, ‘You can’t run away and deny me the chance to wear a giant hat!’ So it was decided!

First, Beth took Carly to choose her ring. She chose a beautiful 1920s vintage ring with five diamonds. The five diamonds stand for ‘I will always love you’. A couple of weeks later, Carly surprised Beth on the bench that they had their first kiss on with a ring, also with five diamonds.

They both decided that they fell in love where they now lived, in the beautiful and historic town of Stratford- Upon- Avon, and so it was only right to have their engagement shoot there. The bench where they shared their first kiss was involved in the shoot and, of course, their lovely little dog, Benson.

The Wedding

The only place they could imagine getting married is the castle where Beth’s parents had their wedding reception 30 years ago. It was so special to them to be able to marry each other in a place where the two people who taught them what a family is, and what unconditional love looks like, celebrated their wedding three decades ago.

Beth didn’t know that this ginger African girl with her little dog would change her life forever, but they have in the most wonderful of ways.

Photography by Vanilla Scent Photography

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