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Bethany & Tracy – A Polyamorous Relationship & Mountaintop Proposal

Bethany & Tracy – A Polyamorous Relationship & Mountaintop Proposal

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When they met, Tracey was in a polyamorous marriage. That dissolved into a loving separation, Bethany and Tracy found monogamous love, and eventually, Tracy proposed on top of a mountain.

We went on our first date about three years ago. Bethany spotted Tracy working at her farm stand at the farmers market years before but had been too nervous about approaching her- more than asking about the price of arugula, anyway. A couple of years later, we both swiped right and connected for our first date: cheese boards, whiskey, and wine. What started as a casual polyamorous relationship developed over time into the loving, monogamous partnership we share today.

We plan to get married surrounded by friends and family in a couple of years, post-Covid when we can truly celebrate safely all together. The photos taken by Honeybee Weddings were a staged elopement photo shoot, during which Tracy surprised everyone by proposing – couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something big when we were all done up on a mountain top.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

A lot has changed over the last three years, and we have moved through many relationships and career challenges together. When we first met, Tracy was in a polyamorous marriage that shifted into a loving separation. We celebrated together and marked the occasion with a divorce party with family and friends. Polyamory taught us both a lot about communication and partnerships. During this time, Bethany left her ten-year restaurant career to become a full-time metalsmith Gilded Muse and flower farmer. Which has been both a challenging and rewarding experience.

What are some of your favorite things about one another?

B: My favorite thing about Tracy is that she has two very different sides. One is more public: her serious Virgo side, no bullshit, wanting to get things done right and efficiently. Her other side is less known, but I can attest: she is a total maniac, super dorky, super flowery, and silly.

T: Bethany is an incredible mix of talent, drive, goofball, and caretaker. She’s teaching me how to indulge in the best parts of being alive and keeping me grounded at the same time. She’s a dreamer with no boundaries and has led so many dreamy lives already.

Photography by Honeybee Weddings

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