We have been together six years & two months and we met in Latin American History Class In College. Bianca was always sleeping in class, but she was beautiful, so I tried talking to her by making the dumbest jokes known to man. I took my phone out and showed her a pic of a babies butt in a bra which she did not find funny AT ALL! At the time I did not know if she was into girls or not and for some strange reason I thought that would be a great way to find out – I wouldn’t recommend it. After that, we started talking so I guess it worked and the rest is history. Now we are engaged.

I had brought an engagement a few times. I told Bianca things that I wanted for our future, and I asked what she saw for us. I planned the whole thing [which I am pretty damn proud of, because Bianca is nosey and finds everything out! No one can surprise her!] for five months. Working long hours and hiding it all from her suck, but it was so worth it to give her the most unforgettable proposal.

Bianca and I both enjoy wine and drinking, so I figured we could go somewhere new [and use wine to calm the anxiety]. Bianca is a sucker for romance, and I’m head over heels for her. I chose to propose at the Raphael Vineyard, and it was magical in every way.

“Wedding planning is going GREAT! I feel that I am on my Pinterest board 90% of my time! I am beyond excited to be Melanie’s wife! I’m doing most of the planning, Melanie isn’t much of a planner when it comes to big events, it’s basically whatever I want. All Bianca cares about is that I walk down the aisle! I hope our wedding is magical and fun and for everyone that we hold close to our hearts! I am only getting married once, so I want to make sure it’s everything I’ve hoped it to be and more for the both of us.”

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