In May 2019, it will be our 2nd anniversary of being together, but over three years of the best friendship anyone could ask for. We met through our gym, which we think of as our second home, when Bobbie was Paris’ personal trainer.

“As soon as Paris walked in the room, everything for me lit up. And it was like an instantaneous feeling of knowing she was going to be incredibly special to me.” – Bobbie

Paris did not feel that way at all and had no idea that Bobbie had a crush on her until about a year later and then the rest was fate.

Words by Bobbie

I thought I was being pretty discreet, organizing our photographer, Leah, and Lauren our designer, although Paris did see a few messages pop up from Lauren from time to time. One message was on Boxing Day and I had to tell her, ‘Oh, it’s just for a personal training client of mine; you know how everyone feels at Christmas.” Paris became exceedingly curious after that and had a feeling something was up.

Catching up with Leah and Lauren was a breeze, Paris didn’t have any idea. And organizing everything became easier with things gradually being set in motion.

And anytime Paris was at work or out of the room, her family and I all discussed little things that we thought would make the day just perfect. At times I think her family was thinking I was crazy putting so much into it, going completely OTT, and spending a lot of money on asking the question. But, I never hesitated and knew my heart was set on giving Paris the most perfect moment she would never ever forget.

I’ll never, ever, forget the morning I asked Paris’ mum and sister for permission to marry Paris. I woke up with this incredibly overwhelming sense of purpose and NEEDED to ask that day. Nothing had ever made more sense to me. So, while Paris was at work, I met up with her mum and sister at a local café for lunch. Surrounded by strangers, I walked in with the tightest chest and the biggest frog in my throat. I sat down, and Paris’ mum was like “Hi darlin’, what’s up?” I tried to speak, and nothing came out, I started balling my eyes out uncontrollably, in front of everyone sitting around us. It was those kinds of moments when you want the floor to open up and swallow you.

But I finally got my shit together and took a deep breath. Following that, her mum and sister then said; “are you wanting to break up with Paris?” With that, I laughed and tried to gulp that massive heavy frog in my throat down and said, “Gosh no, it’s actually the opposite, I was actually here to ask your permission. . . to marry her?”

And Paris’ mum instantly threw her arms around me and said “Ohhhhh darrrrlin’ of course I do!” laughing and crying at the same time
It was one of those moments that I’ll never forget. Purely because it was so pure and raw with emotion, knowing exactly what I wanted the rest of my life to look like, with the most incredible people.

Asking her dad for permission was also a moment I will never, ever, forget.

Her dad being incredibly old school, and admittedly homophobic to the thought of Paris and I being together in the first place. There was always a sense of walking on eggshells throughout most of Paris and I’s relationship.
The thought of disappointing her dad, her pillar of support, played heavily on Paris when it came to her family and her relationship. Paris and I had been together for 18 months, and in the moment of asking her father for permission, he looked at me and said “Bob, you know I could wish a million times over for Paris to be with a bloke. But that bloke could treat her badly and make her miserable. I have seen the way you treat her, and I have seen how happy you make her. And in the end, that’s all that matters to me. I have tested you, and you have put up with a lot. And you remain the same strong happy person, and that’s all I want for my Paris.”

That’s was a truly humbling and beautiful moment in my life.

Where the proposal happened was a special place for us. One reason being the location itself in Robe, where Paris had grown up as her family holiday place for the past 11 years and it was also a spot we had come across one day on our ‘romantic beach walks’ where we watched the sunset. We did this every night for about a week and ended up calling it ‘our spot.’ It was a place where we would sit on the cliff top with the waves crashing beneath our feet, where we would imagine what our life looks like together and make plans of what we want the future to hold.

I don’t think being ‘engaged’ has changed anything. But it helps us look forward to our futures more. We are taking bigger steps and crossing those steppingstones of life that you always dream of taking with someone, and knowing that being the ‘right’ someone.


We hope for our wedding to be in 3 years [2022] and back in our favorite place in the world and where we got engaged – Robe, South Australia. We hope that our wedding will be a small wedding, but so beautiful and intimate. We plan on starting the ceremony on the beach with our loved ones, all barefoot and dressed in white, with the sun shining and fingers crossed minimal wind [which is hard to imagine in Robe]. We plan a reception in the café/bar right near the beach. It will be set up with an acoustic band with greenery and picnic styled outside on the front and then inside it will be tables set up with a fun vibe with dancing and sit down table meals for some people. We are more focused on the engagement party planning right now– which is stressful enough.

In saying that we have picked a few vendors out already. I have from the very moment I first saw videographers, Whites and Woods, etched into my mind and I always wanted them to be our videographer for our wedding. They are just incredible. We also are pretty set on having Leah Ladson Photography along for all our journey. We honestly couldn’t be happier knowing our special day is in her hands through her lens. We also have a few favorite florists in Bendigo, but we are going to exhaust all of Lauren Dillen’s abilities in getting in whatever she can. If needed, we are a BIG fan of ‘Vogue Nature’ located in Bath Lane, Bendigo. She is brilliant and presents each bunch just perfectly. We use her variety of flowers for any special occasion or just treating each other when needing flowers.

We have tried to remain very fluid with our planning. We like the idea of keeping the theme coastal/Hamptons/boho garden picnic feel, with lots of greenery; if you can, try and imagine that!

Captured by Leah Ladson Photography

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