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Breanne & Siobhan – Finding Love After Amost Giving Up

Breanne & Siobhan – Finding Love After Amost Giving Up

Queer Love Photoshoot in Melbourne

Siobhan had nearly given up on relationships when they met Breanne, but that all changed after a first date at a drag bar. 

“When I met Breanne, I was seriously considering giving up on relationships altogether. I felt like maybe I couldn’t “do relationships” and that I was missing some sort of essential skill. 

Breanne was several years younger than me, arguably more mature, a brilliant artist, and literally the kindest person I’ve ever met. 

Our first date was at a Drag Bar which turned into dancing until the early hours. I couldn’t believe how different she was from anybody I had ever met before. We moved in together and learned that our style is entirely compatible. Our families love to catch up, and it feels like everything is in harmony. We’re about to celebrate five years together in a few months. 

I feel as though I am the tall old grumpy one, and she is the charming creative younger one (also shorter). 

I can’t wait to see how our relationship evolves in the years to come.” – Siobhan

Tell us about how the love story began. 

I was browsing Tinder when I was at university and saw this beautiful woman wearing some fake frangipanis in her hair. So I decided to use my first “super like” on her. 

Shev was fast to message but all she said was, ‘meet me at Baby Drag, 7pm’. I almost didn’t show up because I thought she might be a murderer, because who doesn’t chat first before a date? 

I approached the bar but decided to turn around and walk home, then she messages me telling me that she’s bought me a vodka red bull. I’m glad I came back because I met my soulmate.

Tell us about a favorite memory you have together.

My favorite memory is when Shev introduced me to all her friends as her girlfriend, despite us never having had the ‘are we a couple’ conversation yet! 

No, it was definitely when I introduced her to my family. Half my family is Greek, so we are very loud and very loving, I was so amazed at how well she just fit into my family, so much so that my mum calls me just to speak with Shev. 

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

Shev and I both lost our jobs around the same time when the pandemic hit. That was pretty tough because we didn’t know what would happen to us. Then we started applying for jobs and actually were both accepted for the same office job. 

The funny thing was that they didn’t know we were a couple. Not only were we starting on the same day, but we were also in the same team and seated next to each other! 

It was so cute. We had little lunch dates, ranted about bad days, and got to spend so much time together. The pandemic definitely made our relationship a lot stronger. I felt like we grew so much as a couple, and it was during a time of scariness and uncertainty in the world. 

What do you love most about each other?

I love my fiery Leo woman. My favourite thing about her is her confidence, when I hear her do public speaking I get butterflies in my stomach, she just has a natural gift of being able to shine in a room full of people…even when she’s ranting. 

It makes me so happy. 

She’s not only confident, but she’s beautiful, creative and so kind. She brought out the confidence in me that I didn’t think I had.

What does the future hold for you both?

B&B owners who wear matching pantsuits. 50’s hairstyle. Eccentric lesbian artwork, lots of tasteful nudes and some less tasteful nudes. Drinking sparkling shiraz in my art studio.

Photography by Nikki Russian Photography

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