Marie had planned the whole engagement thing all on her own in a surprisingly short amount of time! We had been taking quite a bit about getting married someday. Really, it was just a matter of when the proposal was going to happen! 

Marie has always insisted that she propose first so that I would be surprised. Marie is the worst at keeping secrets from me, so I am shocked she kept this one! Maybe that’s why it was all planned so quickly – there was less time to spill the secret.

We planned a random trip to Hawaii with Marie’s mom and sister. It was last minute, once booked, we were less than four weeks from the vacation.

I could tell something funny was going on once we had got to Hawaii. Marie’s sister asked to see my nails immediately – which was strange! And then also I noticed that Marie and her sister were texting each other while we were at the same table! So I knew something was going down, but I just wasn’t sure what.

Later that day, Marie asked me to take a picture by the water overlooking the sunset and sailboats. When I turned around to get our photo taken, there she was down on one knee, and she asked me to marry her! 

The ring is from Robinson’s Brothers. She took my Mom shopping with her to make sure she had extra support and opinions on the ring she chose for me. Marie is a very simple gal and works a lot with her hands so she actually requested a sport band for her ring! Amazon had something that was perfect.

I also proposed to Marie, to give her my promise, after she surprised me with a proposal. I booked takeaway at Marie’s favorite pizza place, and requested them to write “Marry Me?” in pepperoni on the pizza. I got down on one knee and pulled out the pizza! We had a little picnic eating our pizza overlooking the city of Long Beach, and it was a lovely night! 

Wedding planning is going great so far. We are less than six months away from the big day, and we have all of our major vendors booked and have most of our décor as well! We are DIY brides, so we have begun doing some of our own projects for wedding décor as well. We hope that our wedding turns out to be one big celebration and party!

Captured by Lauren Ashley Photo