We’ve been together for 3.5 years. Our relationship began the most 21st century, cliché way, on Tinder. We talked on the phone for about a month before finally meeting in person. During that month, Michelle told me that she felt in her gut that she was going to marry me.

We had discussed the idea of getting engaged for some time, and Michelle made it clear that she wanted to be the one to propose. Michelle planned a trip to New Orleans, which I was certain would be when she asked. But, Michelle surprised me and asked two weeks before the trip.

Although Michelle wanted to propose outside on Boathouse Row behind the Philadelphia Art Museum, it was calling for pouring rain the whole week. Michelle was oddly still telling me that she wanted to go for a walk at the Art Museum that weekend and I told her that if it was still raining I would just wait in the car while she enjoyed her walk. Luckily, the sky cleared out so she was able to convince me to take that walk with no hassle. I found out afterwards though that she put string lights inside her umbrella in case it started raining so that it would still feel really romantic.

Boathouse Row is our favourite place in the city. We always take really long walks behind the trail and talk and talk [and talk]. We usually end our walk by sitting on the steps of the art museum and people watch. It can be entertaining to watch all of the people run up the steps like Rocky from the movie.

Michelle had my ring custom made by a private diamond expert in San Francisco who was a family friend of a friend. Michelle admittedly had no idea what she was doing so this woman was a huge help!

My ring was designed after the proposal by Emily Chelsea Jeweller in Philadelphia. She was able to take a diamond that my mother had passed down to me and design the perfect ring that complemented my own without losing my aesthetic.

We love being engaged! It is such an indescribable feeling to know that someone loves you this much that they would choose to spend their entire life with you.

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